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In the last few decades the question of can history be objectives has turned into a raging battlefield. According to Chris Lorenz in his article “You Got Your History, I Got Mine” he says the “The idea that history has little to do with the past, but much to do with the present and with power, has gained a remarkable popularity, so there are good reasons for taking seriously the rising tide of skepticism about the possibility of historical knowledge .” He makes this claim based off of three arguments: The question of truth in history; objections to the possibility of objectivity; and the possibility of writing history in a non-instrumental and non-legitimizing way . The idea of rather or not history has to deal with power, and instead deals with the present and power leads to the question of rather or not historians and history itself can be objective. It is possible for history to be objective in today’s society because history always constructs an identity; it is possible for the same event to have multiple representations from different perspective; and a historians perspective is often relate to their own cultural, social, and political perspective.
When creating history, historians are creating an identity for a certain theme. According to Lorenz this can be done knowingly and unknowingly . Every time a historian writes over the same event or theme no matter what it may be they are creating the same identity for that said event or theme. No matter how a history of World War II is it written about the Allies will always end up being the victors. However, how the Allied powers won will be constructed differently depending on the historian’s perspective of World War II.
Everyone who partook or witnessed an event or theme in history has a different perspective on how the event or theme took place based on their own experience with it. During World War II there were two sides the Axis and Allied powers. Each side was made up of different countries; the Axis Power consisted of Germany, Japan, and Italy, while the Allied powers...

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