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What can be the most interesting and exciting thing in your life? What can be the greatest thing that fuels your curiosity? For me, it’s all about Science. Understanding life and living organisms, including their structure, function, development and origin in context of atoms, molecules and their interactions is the most interesting and exciting thing in my life. The concept of asking a question and coming to an answer through a set of experiments has always fascinated me. It fuels my curiosity and the challenging nature of scientific problems intrigues and motivates me to discover unique solutions.
I became interested in biochemistry when I was a first year undergraduate student at Faculty of Science Cairo University, the oldest Faculty of Science in the Middle East. In my first lecture at Faculty of Science, Dr.Maysa, an assistant professor of cell biology and genetics at Zoology department, described the cell structure and organization and she told us that the cell is like a computer where the DNA is the hardware and the protein is the software and at the end of the lecture she asked us to search for answers to some questions as, How nucleic acids and proteins function and regulate in the animal cell? What are the underlying workings of animal cells? What is the role of carbohydrates in cell adhesion? It was these initial curiosities that led me to be Zoology major as there was no biochemistry major at that time in Faculty of Science Cairo University. As a result of my great interest in biochemistry and cell biology I got the highest grade in this course [Zoo 111, General Cell biology, Physiology and biochemistry] in my class.
Studying as (Chemistry/Zoology) specialized undergraduate student has contributed greatly toward my preparation for further study in biochemistry and molecular biology. It provided me with a great opportunity to discover a wide array of subjects and topics in both chemistry and zoology as Quantum chemistry, Enzymology, Protein chemistry, NMR spectroscopy, Mass spectrometry, Potentiometry, Chromatography, Cell biology, Physiology, Genetics, Immunology, Anatomy and Molecular biology, and most of the contemporary biochemical concepts and problems require the understanding of various disciplines and using a wide spectra of experimental techniques and methods to handle with these problems. Studying chemistry and zoology gave me also a more comprehensive look at many biological and biochemical issues; consequently, I can suggest various unique approaches for these issues.
Since fall 2009, I have been working as teaching assistant of biochemistry at Chemistry department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University. This period of time has given me good practical experience in biochemistry and great exposure to modern experimental topics on Enzymology, Molecular diagnostics, Clinical biochemistry and General biochemistry. Furthermore, it has given me the chance to broaden and develop my communication skills and my teaching...

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