It's All About The Money, Money, Money

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Amazing, fabulous, and glitzy are the 3 words that come into mind when most people hear the word, “celebrities”. Well, they really aren’t. Think about all of the bad influencing they cause, think about all of the poverty in the world, and think about all of the people who are willing to risk their lives to save others. Today, despite the fact that all of these events are occurring; all what celebrities do is earn their high wages while spending them on useless trinkets. Do celebrities really deserve all of their money? My response is no.
First of all, most celebrities aren’t good role models. They can “mind control” kids with a wave of their hands! For instance, imagine a world with little, innocent kids copying Ke$ha’s and Justin Beiber’s every move. Celebrities can have all kinds of bad influencing on children, teens, and even adults! Imagine those once innocent kids using foul language, smoking, and ...view middle of the document...

You haven’t eaten in days. Your clothing is ripped, baggy, and filthy. All you need is 2 dollars to go into McDonalds and buy another meal that would last you another several days. Unfortunately, no one can spare a penny. The world is swirling around you and the only color you can see is an angry purple. Then everything goes an angelic white, your stomach lurches while everything goes pitch black. YOU ARE DEAD!!! Did you know that this is a real life scenario that happens to 22,000 children everyday? Not only that but also, 121 million children are out of education! Why can’t all celebrities give a fraction of their money to the poverty stricken? Some celebrities do donate but if we compare the ones that do to the ones to the ones that don’t, it’s like comparing a crumb to a triple layer cake.
Poverty is the worst form of violence,
~Mahatma Gandhi
Poverty is the mother of crime,
~Marcus Aurelius
Now, imagine someone spending 35,000 per month on an apartment. Well, I know it’s hard to believe but someone did,- Trey Songz. Why should celebrities be able to spend money recklessly? Why don’t people who save lives earn as much as Madonna, who earned about 125 million in a year? Or like Taylor Swift who earned around 57 million? Why don’t firefighters, doctors, police, and soldiers get that much money? They are the ones risking their lives for others! They should get more than celebrities! All celebrities do is alter people’s feelings, live in the spotlight, and run away from swarming crowds! Celebrities might relax and ease tension with their work, but do they really deserve all the money they’re earning?
You’re standing in the center of a room. There are 3 corners in the room. In one corner there are the poverty stricken, in another there are firefighters, police, doctors, and soldiers, saving lives while risking theirs. In the other there are celebrities acting out inappropriate actions in front of kids, claiming their innocence while spending recklessly. In your hands there is 100 million dollars and you have to split the money between the 3 corners, but the money doesn’t have to be split equally. Just think about this, who needs the money more, who deserves it more?

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