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It’s Better To Be A Teacher Than A Student?

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The meaning of “teacher” according to some dictionaries: is a person who teaches especially at school while “student” is a person who studying at a university or other place of higher education.
It’s normal that students learn from teachers but this ‘’topic’’ in our days has changed because some teachers do not have right diplomas or degrees. Some teachers are not concerned with what they teach the students or even sometimes they do not show up for lessons. In my opinion this way that they have chosen, is making the students lazy .For this reason, some of them are not inspired and do not even try to take good marks.
Students often neglected school because the lessons are not so attractive ...view middle of the document...

You do not feel like you should fear them because they really work hard to make a teenager feel good. Even though, they often just lecture their students because of the delicate age they are in. They try to give them courage and teach them that they can achieve great thing in their life. I think that because teenagers spend more time in school with their friends and teachers, they learn from their friends’ mistakes and from the teachers’ achievements.
Teachers’ job is so important because if they do not learn their students since kinder garden that education is important, they will not learn to love education and school. Of course everyone has a brain on its own but this is something that can be influenced positively by the people that surrounds a child.
Every teacher has a different method in teaching. They can use the old harsh methods and be strict teacher or the fun way and be teachers loved by theirs student. The strict teachers may have more good results in exams or homework’s but the student will always remember the teacher as mean and even hate them. While fun teachers can inspire a student just by a game they do in class, or a homework. These kinds of teachers are always part of the happy childhood memories because a child does not need a prison guardian but he or she needs someone to look up to when they grow up.
The first step towards education is always made by the teacher. The students often forget that the teacher is the first person that learns them to read and write. The teacher is also the person that is present in the students’ life for more than 6 hours a day. Teachers can be called the second parents. They are also the main key that prepares the new generation to make the right thing in their life. To be a student is also...

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