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It's For The Best Essay

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Sometimes the families that you create are much stronger than your biological families. In the novel, Secret Daughter, the main character, Asha starts off as an immature and inconsiderate young girl. After making the discovery of her biological parents, Asha feels extremely upset and disconcerted. Paradoxically, however, Asha later realizes the true meaning of family and develops into a mature and understanding individual. In Shilpi Somaya Gowda's Secret Daughter, the central character, Asha transforms through out the novel, after making the shocking discovery of her biological parents, which acts as a turning point.

Before finding out about her biological parents, Asha acts very immaturely and inconsiderately. The first example portraying Asha's behaviour takes place while Asha has a disagreement with her parents because of her poor grades. After her mother offers to helps, she replies, “'I don't need a tutor, and I definetly don't want your help,' Asha says choosing her words to sting her mother'” (Gowda, 150). Here, Asha is deliberately trying to hurt her mother's feelings and is acting very inconsiderately. Also, the fact that she is yelling at her mother, even though her mother is only offering to help, showcases her immaturity.

Furthermore, Asha is displayed as an immature and inconsiderate character when she tells her parents the news that she won a chance to go to India for a career-related opportunity. Asha explains, “'You've heard of the Watson Foundation? They grant fellowships for college students to go abroad for a year. I applied to do a project on children living in poverty. In India.... I won, so I'm going next year.'” (175). Here, instead of asking her parents for permission to go, Asha just announces the news, which shows her immaturity. Also, the fact that she does not even find it important to inform her mother that she is going to apply also proves her as an inconsiderate individual.

Lastly, Asha's behaviour is highlighted while she is going through the letters she wrote for her biological mother, and then her mother walks into her room. After comprehending what is happening, her mother seems a bit upset, and her and Asha have a bit of a conflict. Asha then rudely states, “'You've never understood me. Why start now?' 'Asha...' Her mother walks towards her and reaches for her shoulder. Asha yanks herself away” (190). In this quotation, it is evident that Asha feels that since her and her mother do not have a biological connection, her mother is not able to understand her. Her astray thinking portrays her as an immature character. Also, her action of yanking away when her mother tried putting her hand on Asha's shoulder, displays her inconsiderate behaviour. To conclude, Asha starts off as an immature and inconsiderate young girl.

After discovering the truth about her biological parents, Asha feels very upset and disconcert. Firstly, Asha's feelings are displayed after the doorman to her biological parent's apartment...

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