It's Hard To Be Unique Essay

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Brian Calvin and Jaimie are best friends. They do everything together. They eat lunch in the cafeteria together. They play together at recess and choice time. The boys were inseparable.. Brian Calvin, Jaimie , Jaimie Calvin Brian said Ms Rosie any time the boys got in trouble. Every day the boys waited together to be picked up and every day Jaimie's daddy would pick him up from school. Soon the two boys start to wonder where Jaimie’s mommy was.
“What if she is an alien and she can’t come outside!” said Calvin.
“What if she’s sleeps during the day and is only awake when we sleep? “ Brian wondered
Both boys though those to be reasonable explanations. They wonders what ` mommy looked ...view middle of the document...

She had always inspected the three to be best friends and this news surprised her.
“Jaimie has two daddies thats gross right?” Brian asked
“well,” His mother said “It certainly is different fro what your family looks like but just does its different doesn't mean its gross” she explained
Brian still didn't understand,
“Everyones different Brian ,people have moms and daddies or just one parent. Some people have two daddies or even two mommies and they may be together or they may be divorced that doesn't mean that their family is gross because it is different. thats like Jaime or Calvin going up to you and telling you that your family who you love is gross because it isn't “normal “ enough for them.”
“ but that would heart my feelings if they said that to me. “ Brian said
“well thats how jaime feels” his mother explained
“but if our family isn't the normal what is?” ask Brian curiously
“the is no normal family, every family is unique and different and thats what makes watch family special.”
Brian had never thought of it this way before.
“ So, everyones families different?”
“yep” said is mom turning back to her work.
As Brian went to bed he thought about his conversation with is mother. Brian needed to tell Calvin, to explain that it isn't gross to be different.
the next day at school Jaime didn't look at the boys he sat by himself during lunch and he sat in the corner of the room. none of the kids sat near jaime, they al said that he had the kooodies and for the first time in jaime’s life he felt ashamed of his family. Brian and...

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