It's His Fault Essay

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Yoonji tugged a stumbling Sehun behind her furiously, walking as fast as her stubby legs could walk. A small pout was present on her face, but the well-dressed boy behind her paid no attention to her distress and instead frowned deeply.

"What is it?" He allowed himself to be dragged, but stared over his shoulder at a girl around their age-group that recently moved in next door. "I'm busy!"

"No you're not." Yoonji's gait slowed, and the boy pulled his hand from her chubby fingers. Before he could bite back with a remark, Yoonji turned around, showing angry red cheeks, wet with tears.

Sehun's frown faltered slightly as he saw his friend's tears. His frown of annoyance twitched into a ...view middle of the document...

Ignoring the snickers coming from their audience, he searched his desk for a paper and pen. "You're going to be in charge of cleaning duty today. Or rather, you'll be cleaning my classroom alone. You should be thanking me. You could have earned a...detention for an offense like this. I'm letting you off easy."

"Alone?" Yoonj echoed, eyes widening. She glanced at the vast classroom, eyes lingering on the pencil marks on the wooden table and the dust of the yellow chalk on the white walls.

The teacher smiled smugly, crossing his arms. "Yes. I think that is enough to teach you not to be late to my class, especially on a test day."

Yoonji sighed, nodding her head in understanding. "Yes."

"Good. Now return to your seat. We're taking the test."

As she slowly trudged to the back of the room where her seat sat,Yoonji gave a reassuring smile at Chen as she caught his eye. Bumping into a desk, her mouth formed an apology, but it refused to come out as she recognized the owner of the desk.

Sehun gazed smugly over at her, pencil and eraser placed neatly on his desk. Yoonji's smile tugged down as she, too, glanced at the reason of her lateness, and she swiftly moved past him. On a second thought, she turned around, kicked the leg of his chair, before continued to her desk two seat away.

"Lee Yoonji!"


"So you were late because you decided to hide away in a clock store?" Lay mused, dimples forming on his cheek as he imaged Yoonji, hunched over behind old clocks. "And why were you hiding in the first place?"

Yoonji dipped a rag into the lukewarm water, wringing it out as she brought it out from the liquid. "Long story."

"We have time." Kris shrugged, sitting on one of the desks Yoonji recently cleaned.

Yoonji sighed, using the back of her hands to push back her bangs with much difficulty. Seeing the difficult time Yoonji was having, Luhan dispatched from his area and pushed her bangs behind Yoonji's ear.

As Yoonji stuttered a thank for the older male, Chen leaned on the broomstick. "Come to think of it. Earlier the morning, didn't you kick that Oh Sehun guy's desk?"

"Oh, yeah." Xiumin eyes widened as if he suddenly won the lottery. "Yesterday at Stra.."

Voice trailing off as Yoonji sent his a stare, obviously pleading him not to continue to put her in a more uncomfortable spot, the oldest stopped talking.

"I was hiding because I came across a serial killer and decided to hide it out for a while." Yoonji stood up, face and voice both serious. Eyes turning over to Chen, she grabbed the broomstick back. "And I didn't kick it. My foot just accidentally brushed against Sehun's chair. And that retarded teacher just didn't believe me."

Ignoring the doubting glances EXO-M was sending her, Yoonji started wiping at the yellow fingerprints on the wall. "And if you're not going to help, then leave. I need to focus."

Kris was the first to stand. "You said it." Plucking his bag from the floor, he glanced at the girl. "If anything comes up, just...

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