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It’s Like Apples And Oranges Essay

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The idiom “It’s like apples and oranges” has been around for a long time. When

uttered it is meant to say that two things are so different that there is no basis for comparison.

For example, “Even though they are twins, Mike and Bob are like apples and oranges, they

never agree on anything”. Are Mike and Bob really so different? If so, is there truly no basis

for comparison? Much like Mike and Bob, apples and oranges may have more in common

than the person who would utter such a comment might think. What follows is a multi-tiered

examination of the two fruits.

Historically, apples and oranges have been part of the human diet for more years than

have been recorded. It has been ...view middle of the document...

They both have seeds, however, apple seeds are mildly toxic

(Kendall). The list of characteristics could go on with both having the same characteristic

but a different value for each.

Along the lines of nutrition, the two fruits bear many similarities when compared per

100 grams. Apples have 2.4 grams of fiber while oranges have 2.2 grams. Oranges lead the way

in vitamin C, with 59.1 mg, yet apples still have a dose of 2.7 mg. Both contain trace amounts

of, iron and zinc. The two fruits have 1 mg of sodium each (USDA). These factors make either

fruit an excellent choice for a health conscious snacker. The values above are approximate and

based on USDA data for Apples with skin and Naval oranges.

Mathematically speaking, if one were to place three oranges and two apples on a table

and then take two apples away, one would be left with zero apples on the table. On the other

hand, if one were to shift paradigms and regard the apples and oranges in a more unifying way,

such as, too see them as fruit or objects. Then one would find an entirely different story. If there

are five fruits on the table, three are oranges and two are apples, and one takes two apples away

it would be found that there are three fruits remaining on the table. In this way, it is possible to

add them as fruits, yet still impossible to add them as...

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