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It Is Not Mandatory To Be An Mba To Begin A New Start Up

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It is increasingly becoming fashionable nowadays to acquire an MBA degree by the young folks.MBA is a management degree that most young people aspire for to secure their future job prospects.The idea that is being percolated among the students is that if one has an MBA degree he/she will get a plum job.But this may not be the case always.As the world is going through an economic upheaval whose ramifications can be felt in places such as US,UK,China,Europe and even in India just studying an MBA often at times doesn’t the serve the purpose of the young aspirants.It is estimated that there are more than 3600 business schools in the country offering the MBA programme as per the All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE) which is the apex regulator setting the norms and standards of all the management institutions in the country.But will all the students pursuing MBA from these institutes land up with a cushy job and a hefty salary package? It will be very hard to acknowledge that it will not be so.So what is the other option left for these management graduates?They can start their own business or help expand their existing family business.It has been found to be debatable as to how many of these have acquired the business acumen after acquiring an MBA to begin a start up or even help expand their business.A startling revelation has been made in a study by ASSOCHAM earlier this year that states that 90% of graduates from these business schools are unemployable.This sounds really scary as the main purpose of pursuing an MBA degree by these young people is defeated.Why is it so that only people who pass out from premier business schools such as the IIM’s,ISB,FMS,Bajaj and a few others only land up with a cushy job?
It is so happening that in pursuit of an MBA degree the young minds are unable to think beyond getting a job.As the self motivation is lacking in them they are not being able to explore their creativity and business skills to start on their own.Most MBA programmes are not being able to make them think out of the box and hence their careers are landing in a soup.As they are...

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