It’s My Life Leave Me Alone

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When they returned home Karyn decided to take a trip to the corner drug store where She purchased 1 pregnancy test and 1 box of condoms, not yet knowing it was too late. She scurried home and into the restroom where it would sit for 5 minutes. She walked towards the door and exited to find Ronny who was in a rush to relieve himself. She attempted to stop him by obscuring his route of travel, but she failed. He pushed through her and into the restroom. He was just about done when he looked over at the counter and spotted the pregnancy test. He shot back against the wall in terror and let out a rather girlish shriek. Karyn, responding to His screaming, rushed to the restroom and straight for the pregnancy test. She grabbed the test She looked at it with great joy. Ronny, who was nearly hyperventilating.questioned the integrity of the test. Karyn quickly grabbed the tattered box that the test came in and handed it to Him.He looked it over and came to the conclusion that, since the test was guaranteed to be accurate if the direction were followed, Karyn had simply made a mistake. She shook her head at him and laughed, for She knew that He knew She followed those instructions Ronny was unsure of how this could happen, for that one time. Karyn informed Him of the fact that it only takes one time. Well Ronny was not so easily convinced, He bolted for the telephone and dialed the numerical number for Kaiser Permanente, the hospital at which his medical insurance was accepted.He talked to a secretary by the name of Melinda. She gave him an appointment for 12 noon the following day. He graciously thanked her and hung up the phone. He turned 180 degrees and approached Karyn. He stared for a brief moment and then informed her of their appointment. They then agreed to speek nothing of the pregnancy 'til it was confirmed by a medical doctor.It was getting rather late and Ronny decided to retire to the comforts of his dreams.Karyn remained awake for an hour or so then also...

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1426 words - 6 pages In life, change is unavoidable. Les Brown once said, “Change is difficult, but often essential to survival.” This means it’s hard to deal with the changes that happen around us, but they’re important because they let us move forward with our lives. I agree with this statement because I’ve experienced things that made me realize the truth of this quote. The first occurrence is when I had to leave America to go the Philippines. The second one is

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1086 words - 4 pages . Have I given up? I whispered to myself. My lips begin to dry, I’m aching for water my body feels floppy I can barley move let alone make a sound. I mange to crawl under a tall tree, to form a shade for me, my face lights up and I see water it’s about hundred centimetres away. I crunch down and start to crawl towards the water. I could feel my skin burning on the grass. I could not go on, my body had frozen. It was getting very difficult to move

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