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It’s Not About The Price Tag

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In America, there are a lot of different excuses for people not wanting to go to college. College is a place people go to in order to receive higher education for the future job they want. College is attended by students fresh out of high school or can even be people who decide later on in their lives that they want to further their education. What are reasons people do not want to further their education by going to college? Getting a higher education in America is necessary even though it is a bit too costly.
People do not find college necessary. These people believe college is not for them and are looking for jobs that do not require a college degree. What these people do not realize ...view middle of the document...

Since college is necessary for everyone than it should be free. The government is trying to gain every little bit of money they can by pricing college, but they do not gain anything if no one is paying off loans or if they are using grants (government loans one qualifies for and does not have to pay back). Even though we think the cost is not worth going to college, we still go. In Ry Rivard’s article “Is Panic over College Costs the Product of Generalizations?” he is arguing that college costs should not be the reason people do not go to college. In this article he states that “…even though college costs have risen, the shift has not been dramatic…” (Rivard). When he means the “shift has not been dramatic” (Rivard) he means about the same amount of students still go to college knowing the costs have increased. People understand that college is vital for their future so they still attend knowing the cost.
The cost of college is a reason for America being so much in debt. The government gives out thousands of dollars in student loans in order for students to go to college. In Evie Blad’s article “Remedial-Class Spending Down” she explains cost of remedial classes. It says “…universities spent $43.2 million teaching noncredit, remedial classes…” (Blad). Most of that money is coming from the government and most of it will not be reimbursed. Add that to the cost of regular classes. A lot of people have to use student loans because they do not qualify for grants or scholarships. In America, one of the reasons we are in such great debt is because of unpaid student loans. Certain jobs are almost never available to those who earned a degree for that specific job. Let’s say a person uses student loans to go to college to be a dentist, when they finally graduate it is hard to find job openings in that category. He or she is expected to pay back those loans within six months after graduating, but he or she cannot because there are no job openings. This is the reason for most debt in America. College...

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