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It Is Not Professional Essay

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Frequently, colleges are better known for their athletics than academics. Universities thrive off their athletic programs and in return, most reward their athletes through scholarships, apparel, and experiences. However, some believe that these rewards are not sufficient and that college athletes should be paid a salary. College athletes should not be paid a salary because many are receiving scholarships, it would create an unequal playing field, and it would take away the student aspect of being a collegiate athlete.
Athletic scholarships provide many athletes with an opportunity to compete in a sport and obtain a higher education. In addition, athletic scholarships can easily be combined with academic scholarships, federal aid, grants, and any other form of benefit, allowing many athletes to attend college for a minimal cost. The number and amount of scholarships generally depends on the division of the school. According to the NCAA, “Division I and II schools provide more than $2 billion in athletics scholarships annually to more than 126,000 student-athletes” ("How Do Athletic Scholarships Work?"). Full athletic scholarships cover tuition, educational fees, room, board, and school related books.
One must not forget that most athletes also receive school apparel and experiences that the average college student does not. For example, the University of Southern Indiana’s baseball team flew to California State University Stanislaus for a season opener. The first game began on February 14th and the last game was on the 16th of February (Simmons). Trips such as this include airfare, hotel expenses, transportation, and food. An average college baseball team consists of a minimum of twenty-five players and multiple coaches; making trips such as the California tournament exceedingly expensive. Uniforms, warm-ups, sporting equipment, and apparel are a necessity to every team. A college football team would never show up to a game in mismatched tee shirts and shorts; they all have matching jerseys, pants, helmets, and other padding equipment. USA Today researched how much Indiana University spends on their football team, “Most Division I football programs spend more than $100,000 to outfit their team. Add in practice gear, extra cleats, gloves and other miscellaneous items, and Indiana University's annual cost tops $200,000” (Gardner). The costs of the uniforms and trips are in addition to the luxurious scholarships handed to many athletes.
Adding a salary to college athletes would lead to a domino effect. How would a college decide who to pay or how much? Title IX, a law requiring schools to provide equal opportunities in women’s sports as in men’s, presents to be major problem for many schools. Most likely Title IX would force universities to pay female athletes in equal amounts to male athletes. Football teams are the main source of revenue for many college athletic departments. If a salary was implemented would only the first line string...

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