It Is Not Uncommon To Hear Of Siblings Being Separated

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It is not uncommon to hear of siblings being separated at birth or a fairly young age for one reason or another and then being reunited later on in life. Even though they may grow up in different environments, practicing diverse religions, mannerisms, and morals, these siblings hold a bond stronger than most perceive. This relationship is uniquely strong when you are dealing with twins, and even more so when talking about identical twins. Throughout his play titled The Comedy of Errors, William Shakespeare uses deception and disguise between the two sets of identical twins to convey a witty play of events within the same family.Some background information to better familiarize someone to the play as well as its significance is as follows. "The structure of the plot is much admired by critics" (Leone 74). This is due to the fact that although it is somewhat confusing, it is still easily possible to follow. This could be a result of Rosenblum's belief that "the characters are shallowly developed" (95). Nevertheless, the play revolves around two identical brothers, both named Antipholus. They were shipwrecked and separated at a very young age. Now, one resides in Ephesus while the other lives in Syracuse. While the family was on the ship, Egeon (the twins' father) and his wife received a set of newborn identical twins, both named Dromio. These boys were to be attendants to their two sons (Rosenblum 90). After many confusing encounters in the play, things finally straighten out and lose all most of their complexity. This winding down provides the general denouement that is common in any play or novel.Using identical twins was taking a giant leap into the literary unknown. Shakespeare's use of two sets of identical twins, as well as the intertwining of sex, money, and violence was taking a walk on the wild side. This was a quite ambitious and complex topic that would perplex many people for years to come (Fox 94). The material inside the play was dynamic...

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