It's Okay To Be Yourself Essay

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Many people in society have trouble at times from breaking away from conventional beliefs. When someone references beliefs, it is usually in reference to God or something supernatural. However, that is only one expression of a belief. Beliefs are what we use to form our safety, sense belonging, or our sense of what is worth fighting for. And they accomplish this, even if the belief isn't true. We hold beliefs about so many things. Some of them are supported by evidence and some of them are not. Many times the evidence isn’t available, and perhaps denied because of ignorance, fear, or because it might threaten or identity.We are scared of being outcasts. Haunted by this possibility, we lock ...view middle of the document...

A human being that is molded from longings, failures, accomplishments, and love. A human being who wishes to protect their identity in a universe that doesn’t share our need for the world to be just. Every person of faith is a human being with a reason to believe. On the surface would be situational or cultural influence such as being brought up in a particular faith or being a faith dominated culture and society. Beyond cultural reasons, lies the reason of evidence that is at least compelling to them. Such evidence might include that science hasn’t given us all the answers. Under reason of evidence, the reasons intensify, becoming more critical and self valued to the well-being the person of faith. There is a desire that death is not to be the end. A desire to continue to live after death. This reason derives from our natural fear of death. At the center of it all, lies the main reason of someone being a person of faith. The reason of have a relationship with their creator. The relationship changes and molds their life. This reason is the strongest because it contributes to a part of their identity. This reason is why I struggled so much with my faith and what I did and didn’t believe.

My struggle of my faith was similar to the dramatic structure of literature. There is an introduction, rising action, and is then followed by a climax or crisis. The introduction was simply my introduction to the Christian faith. The rising action was my struggle with incompatible truth. A series of denials of what I was suppose to believe. Of what I was suppose to be. It was a crippling, terrifying, struggle that was stealing my identity. The struggle of the possibility of the fabric of my relationships being ripped apart. All of my struggle was forced to a climax. A point of decision of which I was forced to either modify what I believed or lose my faith.

This point of time leads me to the essence of my struggle with my...

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