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It’s Old, It’s Cold, But It Still Counts As Gold.

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For the last 90 years, nations around the globe have been in participating, viewing, and supporting one of the biggest games known to man. During it’s 90 year end run, the winter Olympics have been producing monumental memories that will go down in history. Although the modern day Olympics are seen as a celebration of the world putting aside their differences and joining to battle for the best, the road to the winter Olympics that we know and love today was long journey of conflict and troublesome. Thankfully this conflict resulted in the creation of the memorial Chamonix Games in 1924 and everlasting international winter sport’s competition.
The first international winter sports festival recorded in history was the Nordic Games. The Nordic Games began in 1901 and were held every four years in 1905, 1909, 1913, 1917, 1922, and 1926. The Nordic Games were a week long games arranged by the Swedish Central Association for the Promotion of Sports (SCFIF). Nobody exactly knows what the purpose of the Nordic Games were and why the SCFIF established it, however many people believed that the reasoning of the Games was because of Scandinavian nationalism and Swedish commercialism. During the creation of the Nordic Games, advisors put together a competition that was beyond a sport contest. The Nordic Games involved theater, gala performances, visits to the archipelago and the open air museum Skansen, and celebrations. The believed intent of the Nordic Games was to showcase Sweden to the world. However, Sweden’s strong and unchanging nationalistic and commercial ambitions also led them to conflict (Edgeworth).
Ever since the creation of the summer Olympics, there was a movement for a competition opposite of the summer games. People people were enraged that the
competition didn’t include any winter events (A look at). It wasn’t until the Summer Olympics of 1908, when ice staking appeared in the Olympic games. By 1920, ice hockey had appeared on the Summer Games program (A look at)(From Chamonix 1924). Despite these changes, there was still a push for a separate winter games. However, major difficulties occurred with Sweden in establishing the Olympic Winter Games. Due to the fierce, Swedish nationalism of Viktor Balck and Sweden and Norway’s opposition establishing took almost 20 year to create (Edgeworth). Thankfully the conflict ended in June 1921 when the International Olympic Committee “awarded it’s patronage to a winter sports that would take place in Chamonix in 1914” (From Chamonix 1924). These winter sports week would be called the “International Winter Sports Week” would be held in association with the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris.
The 12 day event got under way at the snow-covered French resorts of Chamonix on January 25, 1924 (From Chamonix 1924) (The First Olympics). The First Winter Olympics opened with the “athletes giving their oaths of amateurism to France’s Under-Secretary of State for Physical Education’s Gaston Vidal” (First Winter...

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