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The Million Penny Project is a fundraising project that was designed to raise one million pennies for a charity. Community members and businesses collectively donated their spare change for those in need (“The Million Penny Project”). Modeling the Million Penny Project, Manteno High School can raise money for a local organization, such as the Manteno Food Pantry. Students will compete amongst homerooms and the winning class will receive an incentive at the end of the semester. All proceeds collected by this project will be donated directly to the Manteno Food Pantry. By collecting spare pennies, nickels and dimes, Manteno can start to make a change, too.
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According to Mr. Schnitzler, principal of Manteno High School, in recent food drives the high school averages half of an item per student (Schnitzler). Also, many students bring in similar nonperishable food items. By donating money to the pantry, the food pantry can afford to gather a wider variety of food. All proceeds collected in the school would be donated directly to the charity, just like the Million Penny Project. Competing against opposing homerooms, students will collect and donate spare change throughout the semester and doughnuts will be distributed to the winning homerooms. Pumped for Change found success without incentives, but incentives would be necessary to encourage students to donate. Pumped for Change Inc. has had great success, so Manteno can too.
Every student can participate in this charitable fundraising that will pay social and emotional dividends. Homerooms throughout the high school can compete for an incentive such as a day with snacks or doughnuts in the morning. Since the incentive is nothing extraordinary, students who come from families with varying levels of income can still participate. Beyond the tangible incentive of snacks, this act of altruism benefits one’s state of mind. Some may say that people will only donate money to reach their incentive, but people will be compelled to donate back into the community as well. Any organization could take control of the project and volunteers within the organization will collect and count the change. Possible groups that could control this project include student council, interact club, or just the general population of students within the high school. Then, they will distribute the incentives to the winning students. According to Carolyn Rance, “People are never too young to start volunteering.” Some reports have even linked volunteering and donating with achieving a state of physical well-being (Rance). Students that collaborate to donate their time and money will...

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