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Some of the most trivial things in life, of course are the easiest things to argue over, yet the hardest arguments to resolve. In Susan Glaspell’s one act drama entitled, Trifles, the theme of real life trifles are put into perspective when Mr. John Wright is found murdered in his own home, and his own wife is the prime suspected murderer. At first glance Mrs. Wright is probably just thought to be a physically and mentally abused wife that finally snapped. But through Glaspell’s characters and irony, she reveals the theme that the little things really can and do make a profound difference in life, or death.
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Hales, the Wright’s neighbors and the wife of Mr. Hales. Both of these women undeniably know their place in the home because both of these women go straight to the kitchen and notice how untidy everything is. They deliberate over the clues that the men seemed to simply glance over after they have gone upstairs to examine Mr. Wright’s body. They discuss Mrs. Wright's ruined fruit preserves, which shattered in the cold; the bread that has been left out of its box; an unfinished quilt that Mrs. Wright's was working on; and an empty birdcage. They begin to ponder over these clues and think that Mrs. Wright is known not to have an untidy and not well kept home, and while they are discussing all of these things, they soon discover a box with a dead canary in it and deduce that John Wright strangled it because he did not like its singing. One can see know that fact when they read, “No, Wright wouldn't like the bird—a thing that sang. She used to sing. He killed that, too.” (Glaspell). So just by that simple statement the reader can interpret that it was more than likely Mrs. Wright that killed Mr. Wright because she wanted to kill him before he killed her singing and her.
Through Glaspell’s irony one can sense that the ones who are merely just there at the scene are the ones who are finding the clues and putting them to good thought while the sheriff and the other men are looking in all the wrong places. When...

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