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It's Time For Open Adoption Essay

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It's Time for Open Adoption

Based on statistics gathered by the United States Department of Health and Human Services Children's Bureau, approximately 46,000 children found homes through the foster care system last year alone (Cumpston, 8b). It is hard to imagine that there is this unbelievable number of children adopted in just one year, and the process is still different for every family who goes through it. Only after much research, can one conclude that while handling an adoption, a process known as open adoption is the most beneficial for everyone alike.

There are essentially two ways to adopt a child; one technique, known as an open adoption and one known as closed. Throughout the first quarter of the century, the latter of the two methods, also known as confidential adoption, was mainly used (Melina). This was an attempt to protect the birth mothers, as well as the child, from ruthless feelings toward them by the public. During the conception years of adoption, many people were not aware of how adoptions worked or why they were taking place, so they automatically assumed the worst of the situation and the people involved in it (Roszia).

However, over the years, the society's comprehension of adoptions in general has changed from oblivious to increasingly aware about how the process works, therefore resulting in the acknowledgment and acceptance of open adoption. In an open adoption, the birth parents and the adoptive parents have continued interaction throughout the extent of the child's life. Open adoptions present the opportunity to take a potentially hazardous situation and turn it into a loving environment for the child.

According to Sharon Kaplan Roszia, in her article titled "From: The Open Adoption", she states, "open adoptions have much to offer birth parents, and especially adopted children." Another article written by Annette Baran and Reuben Pannor relates that open adoptions can help decrease the amount of "psychological and emotional harm" to all individuals involved (p 236).

As a result of the birth parents and the adoptive parents maintaining contact with each other, the adoptee is able to ask questions pertaining to why s/he was put up for adoption and consequently can better understand the events leading to the situation. This helps to wave a portion of the feelings of abandonment, common to many children after an adoption. Otherwise the sense of abandonment will more than likely carry over into the adult life and affect the way that person handles stressful situations (Open Adoption). Additionally, the adoptee will have access to background information readily provided by the birth parents, thus eliminating countless searches by the child when s/he is older. Many adopted children chase after their true identity their whole lives, in turn not finding anything but a few measly pictures or letters (Baran, p 235).

In all reality, it makes sense that a mother...

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