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It's Time To Pick Favorites! Essay

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Favoring, it is just a natural tendency that all of us do, whether we want to or not. We have favorite colors, favorite movies, books, poems, music, etc. There are favorites when it comes to family members, even if we don’t want to admit it. Everyone has something or someone they would favor over others, it is just a natural tendency. In the poem The Canterbury Tales: The Prologue, by Geoffrey Chaucer, there are many characters in this tale. For starters, a short summary on the tale: in the poem, Chaucer is making fun of many things that bother him during the 1300 society, he writes about how many people like to take a pilgrimage to a place called Canterbury, and he has many colleagues on the way. He reveals many thrilling characters, and some that shouldn’t be favored, but sometimes are. The three characters that I preferred the most in The Canterbury Tales: The Prologue, was the Knight, the Pardoner, and Wife Bath.
The first character that I favor from The Canterbury Tales: The Prologue is the Knight. What is not to love about this knight? He is brave, strong, and always willing to help people when needed. For starters, he has fought in countless battles, as well as broken up numerous fights. He is almost as selfless as you can possibly get. According to the text, “There was a Knight, a most distinguished man,/ Who from the day on which he first began/ To ride abroad had followed chivalry,/ Truth, honor, generousness, and courtesy.” (G Pg. 98, Lines 44-46). This backs up my previous statements on how great this knight is. Truth be told, I am a sucker when it comes to the “Knight in Shining Armor” who always is there to save the day. Also, this Knight is favorable because he would rather talk about things that bring joy and happiness in our lives rather than talk about tragic falls. This is a huge plus for me because who wants to talk about sad and depressing stories, movies, or books?? Well even though this Knight seems like a great guy, there are other favorite characters of mine that are more on the dark side of things.
The Pardoner is another favorite character of mine from The Canterbury Tales: The Prologue, even though he isn’t the nicest person in the world. Basically, the Pardoner rips people off, he sells them fake items and pockets the money, or in other words, he takes the money as his own. Greed is a huge aspect here, and I am drawn to this character because of this factor. Everyone is greedy at times, or they aim at self-gain. The Pardoner has his own way of achieving his fortune. To be more specific, he basically collects money from people who are paying off their sins. In the poem, it states that “His wallet ley before him on his lap,/ Brimful of pardons come from Rome all hot.” (G Pg. 114, lines 706-707). To clarify these few lines, it is reassuring the fact...

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