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It’s Time To Revise Title Ix

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It’s Time to Revise Title IX

The Preamble to Title IX, which was instigated in 1972, states that “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any educational programs or activity receiving federal financial assistance.” This law took action to give females equal opportunities in federally funded programs. Although Title IX’s sole purpose was well intended, it fell short of its main goals because it had negative affects on male activities.

In the article “Title IX: It’s Time to Live Up to the Letter of the Law,” Donna Lopiano argued for equal opportunities in athletics for women. She discussed how Title IX has affected men’s athletics through the Proportionality Law which insists that all schools provide an equal ratio of financial assistance to male and female students. Lopiano’s article contested the amount of athletic scholarship money offered to male and female athletes, and the budget each team received. A topic that Lopiano chose to ignore in her article was that by colleges cutting men’s sports teams to comply with Title IX, they were working against the law that they were trying to fulfill. Lopiano also ignored the fact that females do not have identical interests to males. Although females show a large interest in athletics, there is a greater demand for male athletics.

The Proportionality Law for title IX states that financial assistance must be awarded to equal amounts of men and women, proportionate to the enrollment of the school. The law also asserts that colleges should have the same ratio of male to female athletes as the ratio of male

and female students. For example, if a college has 60% men and 40% women, the college should have 60% male athletes and 40% female athletes (Kopac). The intention for this law is to ensure that women and men have equal chances to play in the sports of their choosing. However, in some instances this law counteracts its original intent. A good example of Title IX being counteractive at some colleges deals with football and basketball programs. Since, at most colleges, football and basketball are the largest and most watched sports; they consume a huge proportion of the colleges’ athletic finances and manpower. To keep within the Title IX objectives, many colleges resort to canceling more minor sports programs such as men's track, wrestling and gymnastics (Kopac). Cutting these sports works against the main purpose of the law of equality (which simply states that males and females have equal opportunities) because it takes away opportunities from male athletes. Instead of these schools cutting the more minor programs, the schools could take other routes to correct the problem.

Another point Lopiano missed in her argument is the fact that men and women do not
always have the same interests. The goal of leveling the playing field would be considered
dignified if they...

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