It's Time To Stop Drugging Our Children With Ritalin

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Truth be told, there are not many people who can be trusted in this world. Especially when it comes to children, parents are always very cautious and careful as to who can encounter their child. The world we live in today is extremely different from the world we once lived in a few decades ago. Along with traditions and culture; technology has taken over everything. Technology has become the root cause of major changes in everything we know of today. Parenting also became a target of technology. But among all these changes, doctors seem to be kept put in the place of professionals that parents to this day trust and rely on whole heartedly, even though medical research and technology is completely new when it comes to diagnosing and prescribing drugs. Remarkably, one may find it very hard to realize the fact that even though doctors are oh so blindly trusted, they keep prescribing a drug that comes from the same class and chemical compound as cocaine to children. Drugs that have the same chemical compound as a narcotic are known as class 2 medications. Knowing that class 2 medications have the same classification as cocaine, morphine and amphetamines, doctors in America are continuing to prescribe these drugs to children aging from 5-17 merely because of behavioral issues at school and at home that parents keep advocating their children have. Is the use of technology and the use of quick fixes taken over the way we see parenting? It can be hard to realize that this just might be the case today! Parents have so become used to the accommodating quick fixes of 2014 that they have forgotten that their children are still humans and not apps that can be hushed or manipulated via medication. Parents along with doctors who merely prescribe these drugs like candy have become the sole reason of the rise of prescription drugs in children in America.

Our free wheeling industrial society has forced us against time. Things are changing quickly as each moment grows ever more valuable. People want answers, they want things done fast, and have acquired a “Quick-Fix Mentality.” Society’s “Quick-Fix” has become a global pacesetting phenomenon. Time and money really do dictate our lives. Parents expect instant miracles of relief from our medical and therapeutic practitioners, pharmaceutical and other industries. We often hear: “Fix me; give me a pill”; “The Quick Fix Oil Change”; “Fast Internet access”; and “Cell phone usage for instant on-the-go communication.” Without a doubt, the “Quick-Fix Generation” is alive and functional. Sadly, Parenting has become a target of this “Quick-Fix” generation. It is hard to believe that any parent would be okay with drugging their 2 year old child simply because they aren’t acting a certain way. Little did we know that 2 year olds now also have to act a certain way. The trend appears evident that parents are becoming more dependent on technology for their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their children. Parents...

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