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It Should Be Mandatory That All Security Guards Be Armed On Duty

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Other than police officers there are now security guards at just about every corner figuratively speaking. Security guards spend their time guarding buildings and garages around the clock, day and night. Most of these guards are assigned to work cites alone where there is no other employees or supervisors present. When security guards are thought of one of the most popular thing that comes to most peoples mind is they are rental cops. Private security faces many possible dangers and they can become part of a violent situation at any given moment. . Without fire arms all they have is a outfit that displays a badge and their title. To most criminals it is merely a joke. Security guards put their lives in potential danger to protect civilians. It should be mandatory for all guards to be armed while on duty so they can protect themselves.
Times have changed and this world is becoming more and more violent by the day. he news has became full of stories about robberies, shootings, murders, arsenic fires and so on. With the amount of security jobs multiplying it is increasing the risk of them coming in to contact with violent people and/or situations. Gun Control is a big issue because fire arms are getting in the hands of so many people. While guards are on duty it is very possible for them to encounter any of the dangerous criminals carrying a firm arm. In that kind of situation without being armed themselves they would have no means of personal protection, let alone the means of protecting others. Child psychologist, part of the Oregon Health Sciences University, Dr. George Drinka says "Unfortunately, Violence is as American as apple pie. Likewise, Semiautomatic rifles and blood curling movies serve as emblematic artifacts in our culture of violence." (George)
Aside from the dangerous criminals guards could encounter, some of the cites guards get assigned to are dangerous as well. Some guards get assigned to banks. Say for instance a criminal decides to rob a bank, most likely that person will be armed. A security guard standing in the corner of that bank unarmed would be pretty pointless. That unarmed guard would not be able to stop the robber from putting a bullet through the bank employees or the bank costumers, nor would the guard be able to stop him from robbing the place. On the other hand if that guard who was standing in the corner would have been armed it would be a lot more intimidating. The sight of the fire arm on the guards waist may make the criminal think twice. If at that point the criminal would over look the guard and proceed to rob the place, the guard could then put the skills he learned through his training to use. He/she could possible stop the criminal before any harm came to anyone. Another example of dangerous location guards have to patrol is parking garage. In Dayton Ohio most big garages have private security guarding the places throughout the night when it is suppose to be empty. Guards are their to keep criminals...

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