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It Takes Two: A Modest Proposal For Holding Fathers Equally Accountable

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It Takes Two: A Modest Proposal for Holding Fathers Equally AccountableIt takes two human beings to create and bring a new life into this world. Katha Pollitt does agood job at expressing and arguing why it is not the responsibility of the mother to take care ofand raise the child on her own; it requires two people to bring the baby into this world.Therefore, it will take two to raise and care for the baby as well. Not one individual shouldhave to raise, take care of, and care for a baby on his or her own. By taking part in an act suchas sex, the couple must realize the duties and responsibilities that they will have to acquirewhen the woman becomes pregnant. Throughout the whole story Pollitt shows many hastygeneralizations and slippery slope fallacies. The start of my argument shows the fallacy of manyquestions.Why do men abandon women as soon as they become pregnant, leaving women to have a baby out ofwedlock? There are many reasons why men leave women who become pregnant. These reasons include:men want the women to have an abortion and the women do not want to or will not agree to have one,they are scared, raising a child costs a lot of money, and the baby was an accident. Wherever theexcuse lies, it is all due to lack of responsibility. The man in this situation is not realizingthe risk of having sex and the consequence of having a baby.Some men want women to have an abortion that get pregnant. This is down right selfish andinconsiderate. These types of men are just thinking of themselves rather than the innocent babythat was created in the process. The baby was not able to have a say or ask to be conceived,therefore, it should not be the baby that has to suffer because of irresponsibility. The babybeing the innocent one here, is not thought of or about in decisions and acts between the couple.Personally, I am against abortion and I know that many women are. This leaves the responsibilityof taking care of raising the baby on women?s own. I believe that there is a consequence forevery action. As said by many "you play, you pay." Men and women who have sex risk the chance ofgetting women pregnant. Therefore, if men are going to have sex and the woman becomes pregnant,they should take responsibility for what and where their decision lead them. The decision ofwhether a woman will get an abortion or not is both the man and the women's decision, but thewoman should have the overall say. However, abortion is not the answer or resolution to anymistake or creation.In addition, not only are men terrified of responsibility, but are also petrified at the fact ofhow much it costs to raise a child. It is estimated that raising a child from birth to around theage of seventeen years old, costs a family approximately 249,180 dollars (Wuorio). Children areneither cheap nor easy to raise. This dollar amount does not include a college education varyingfrom a two year to a four-year university. Keeping a well-educated background in mind for yourchild adds...

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