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It Project In The Health Industry For Zap Pharmaceutical

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Introduction: ZAP Pharmaceutical
We are managing a large IT project in the healthcare industry for ZAP. Our project consist of the following task: refurbish the existing office building; install the IT infrastructure, and outfit the area for our new telephone answering hub. The project is in the execution phase, with three quarters of the work finish - refurbishing and installation of the infrastructure currently being done in concert with each other, and new office equipment is on order. We have four vendors working on this project under fixed price contracts: Bear’s Construction Company, Anne’s Interior Design, Roxy’s IT Services and Sheba’s Office Equipment.
Project Status, Issues and Recommendations (by the Team):
The table below provides a quick status of the project, with the individual issues with each of our contractors.
Vendors Bear’s Construction Anne’s Interior Design Sheba’s Office Equipment Roxy’s IT Services
Responsibilities/ Work.
Note: All contracts associated with this project are fixed price contracts. Is handling all the refurbishment.
This work includes all structural work, drywall, and electrical work in the building. Is doing the carpeting, painting, and cubicle work. Sheba’s Office Equipment
Providing all desks, computers, and phones Providing all IT components, including servers, IT cabling, and a wireless network.
ISSUES Claim that it is not responsible for inspections required by the local township. Bear has produced a memo signed by John during negotiations that states that ZAP is responsible for all permits and inspections. However, a quick review of the contract shows that Bear is responsible for all inspections.
Failure to resolve this issue will likely delay the project at least 1 week, because Bear is making no effort toward arranging for the required inspections In the contract, under the section labeled Special
Conditions, it states that carpeting must meet a specific wear rating. In the same contract, in the General Conditions section, the contract prohibits the use of any non-generic materials within the work of the contract. This would include carpets with special wear rating, because these would be non-generic materials. Anne has already purchased and begun the installation of the generic carpet that does not meet the wear rating. A minor typographic error in the contract with you to provide office equipment for this project. In the contract, it states Sheba shall be paid as follows.
$350,000. It will ship the office equipment when the remainder of its fee is received. None at this time

The following table is the recommendation from my project team members:
Recommendations: Bear’s Construction Anne’s Interior Design Sheba’s Office Equipment
Future Bldg. Manager The memo was signed by us.
She was there at the time.
Recommend arranging for the inspections to keep the project going. The type of carpet is not important as long as the telephone hub open on time. That is the most important...

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