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This Was A Research Paper On Any Computer Related Subject. I Chose Digital Cameras Versus Film Cameras. The Professor Really Enjoyed It And Awarded Me With A 98%.

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Digital or FilmIn today's society, it may be difficult to make a choice between digital cameras and film cameras. There are many things that you should consider when making this decision. One of the most important elements of this comparison is that of pixel count. It is not, however, the only factor. In fact, there are many aspects that you should consider, like convenience, cost effectiveness, and quality. There is no wrong decision, though you should incorporate these factors as you choose which camera is right for your purpose.Pixel count is, most likely, the most important aspect in choosing between a digital camera and a film camera. Few digital cameras are comparable with film cameras in this aspect. It requires at least ten megapixels worth of resolution to match the resolution of a film camera. This is equivalent to about a 3900x2600 pixel image file. There are two reasons behind having a high number of pixels. First, more pixels means better quality, especially when you are working with large prints. Second is the ability to crop the picture to meet your expectations. The only digital cameras that are available, that fill this requirement, are quite expensive and may not be what you need (Digital Liquidators). The downfall of film cameras is that you do not know how good your picture will turn out until you receive it back from the lab. Experienced photographers may not be concerned with this but even tricky lighting can be a problem. Film being lost or damaged at the lab could be another consideration (Cohen, Donald).Convenience is another important factor when choosing a type of camera. Using a digital camera, you can view the pictures that you take and make adjustments as needed immediately instead of waiting until the film comes back from the lab to find out that your picture did not come out like you expected. This could mean the difference between getting a picture and missing it. A digital camera also allows you to delete any unwanted pictures and re-shoot (Digital Cameras - Buyers Guide); on the other hand, with a film camera you cannot do any of these things. Once a picture is taken with a film camera you cannot delete it and try again. Therefore you have wasted film. Another convenient tool with digital cameras is that you can adjust your ISO, or International Standards Organization, speed (Butler, Cooper). This is how fast or slow your shutter opens and closes. With digital cameras this speed can be adjusted but with film cameras you must use a certain kind of film to get these results. Digital cameras come with several different speeds, some of the high quality cameras ranging between speeds of 50 to 3200. To capture these same results on a film camera you would have to have a second camera loaded with appropriate film or manually change film which could be very costly if you had not finished with the first roll (Cohen, Donald).Cost effectiveness is another consideration you will want to make. Although some digital cameras...

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