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It Was Not Just The Jews Hitler Hated Gypsies Too

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Through the course of history, the Jewish people have been mistreated, condemned, robbed, even put to death because of their religion. In the Middle Ages, they were forced to wear symbols on their clothing, identifying them as Jews. The dates 1933 to 1945 also marked the period of the deadly Holocaust in which many atrocities were committed other minority groups. Six million innocent Jews were exterminated because of Hitler’s “Final Solution.” This paper will exhibit how Adolf Hitler used the three anti-Jewish policies written in history, conversion, expulsion, and annihilation to his advantage which Hitler also used against the Gypsies.
And The Violins Stopped Playing starts in Brest-Litovsk with Roman Mirga and his family playing gypsy music (Ramati 2). Roman was born in Brest –Litovsk in 1925 to Dymitr Mirga and his wife Wala Mirga (Ramati 3). Roman was not a normal gypsy, he attended normal school, his parents had good jobs, he even looked different than all the other gypsies as well. The Mirgas were big city gypsies. Then one night they came home and their cousin was there and he had just escaped the Ghetto with news regarding the Nazis coming after the gypsies (Ramati 20). The Mirgas decide that they must leave immediately and head to their families camp. Once at the family’s camp they reintroduce themselves into the gypsy hierarchy (Ramati 33). Dymitr soon realizes that he has to inform their leader (Shero Rom) of the threat against the gypsies. The

Frankenfield 2
leader was reluctant to comply. If the Shero Rom had complied he would not have died, because later that week the Nazis kill him.
In the second part of And the Violins Stopped playing Dymitr Mirga arranges an escape group to Hungary. On their way to Hungary, some of the gypsies desert the group to go their own way and they get killed (Ramati 152-164). Dymitr and his family and a few others make it to Hungary but their efforts proved futile because Germany invaded Hungary in the mid 1940s. When Hungary was invaded, the remaining gypsies were captured and put into concentration camps. Roman was very highly educated and he worked as an interpreter in the camps. Roman had a mother and a father who died in the camp. He eventually meets up with his little sister who had escaped from the cattle cars. At the end of the book he escapes with the son of the former leader, Shero Rom that the Nazis had killed.
This book was such a great read! Some did not agree like Kirkus in Kirkus Reviews as in saying “this skimpy recycling of life at Auschwitz adds nothing to Holocaust literature, and while Ramati’s novel does have the elemental appeal of escape stories, even here it is hobbled by threadbare characterizations...” (Kirkus 1). I feel that this is unjust to the book. Some reviewers who did agree at noted: “The period covered is late 1942 to early 1945, and the focus is on the Mirga family, big-city gypsies living in Warsaw” (kirkus 1). The story gives an in depth, first person...

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