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It Was The One Essay

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t is snowing this morning in New York City. There are red lights all over the road and people are rushing in the busy New York streets. The weather was cold, rainy and gray. I saw down at the world’s busiest city where people hardly recognize each other, every one busy up with their life that they have hardly had time to enjoy the beauty of this city. But It felt fantastic to be part of the city which I have always wanted to live in and it feels like finally my dreams are coming true. As I stood by the window with a coffee in my hand, I saw the snowflakes falling in the background, the trees with just any leaves left, There were children making snowman, lovers are throwing snowballs at ...view middle of the document...

So I just left that hospital without even turning back or thanking its member as soon as I got the letter from here. Well, my father appreciated my decision but my mother wasn’t exactly happy about it, precisely because I am far away from home and I remember the last conversation I held with her.
“You are now millions of miles away “ my mother told me on the phone.
“I wasn’t exactly near you when I was there too “ I replied.
“You could at least come here once a month “
“ Mom, I can still come there once a month. Look, this is a big step for me and I just want you to appreciate my decision and be happy about it ”.
“I am always happy for you, dear. But where are you going to stay. There is no one in New York that I know of, it worries me. ”
“ I know mom, you are. Don’t worry, I am not a child any more I have managed everything. I talked to the some of my friends there, I got all done. Ma, I drew to go I need to sign those resignation letters, I’ll ring you back as soon as I reach there ok, love you mom “
“Love you too, dear”
And that’s the last time I talked to her. I sent to her as shortly as I reached here and posted a pic of the apartment with her and then she didn’t exactly freak out.

I sat down by the café in the correct corner and I put a sandwich and coffee and sat down on the chair trying to study the café. Not much of the crowded station, I guessed to myself. It would be a place to go as well. As the server took the sandwich and coke I saw a person at another niche of the café looking at me. I looked away trying to avoid the short eye contact between us… and I drank another sip of coffee and even he was looking at me again, I counted down again but this time I knew the look,
It was Brian Edwards, how could I just forget the him.

1995 Blue berry hills
It was Halloween, my sister and I was getting to trick or treats. We had gone nearly all the houses of my classmate and few were left.
“Let’s go to that haunted house “
My sister told me and I paused for a while and the pits of the thought that she won't even give me trick or treat.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea, ” I replied being a little scared.
“ Nothing will happen. Any one will give trick and treat today, even the old woman being at that place”
I didn’t exactly like the idea, but I always wanted to go there.
Kate and I were adventurous, I mean most of the children are when they are eight.
Well the haunted house, we said was little of the countryside a mile from our home. It was named haunted since it looked old, isolated from others. It had undone garden and no one had time to furbish up...

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