“It Wasn’t Logic, It Was Love”

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Thinking about the hard times of World War II, famine and poverty stricken,
broken lives, husbands and fathers being sent overseas with the mere possibility of never
seeing their families again. Taking on another twist, during World War II, it was a time
of sexual experimentation and loosing of the overall morale of people. It was a time of
conflict and emotions, sacrifice, and a time of discovery. Men and women alike, the
Great Depression and the war disrupted lives. Times were hard and money was even
harder to come by. Great lengths were taken to preserve their lives. In the book “Thanks
for the Memories: Love, Sex, and World War II,” the author Jane Leder explains the
social and sexual ...view middle of the document...

Women took to sexual liberation and learning how to
be free from their men and leading their own lives.
After reading “Thanks for the Memories: Love, Sex, and World War II,” the
reader can not probably help but realize that the lives of men and women during the
1940’s were not much different from the lives of people today. Even though the society
standards of that time were relaxed, the behavior of young men and women who used the
war times as a period of sexual exploration and self-experimentation cannot be surprised
by the fact that this is standards of today. While reading, the author begins to retell stories
many may have not have heard or even thought about. One topic would be the life of
gays and lesbians. The research Leder brings to light that would not be typically taught in
everyday History books is written in this book. One may think that the LGBT community
was not even part of the World War and military. It was not mainstream that stories of
gays and lesbians be told in books about military life. In this time, gays and lesbians had
to hide their...

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