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Italian Culture: Food And Wine Essay

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When trying to decide what I wanted to do my Multicultural Symposium Project on I thought about all the places I have always wanted to visit. Italy has always been a place I wanted to vacation to. Who wouldn’t? There is a lot of culture there from fashion to art and of course the food to name a few. Some of the most known name brands of clothing or handbags orientated from there. It is the wine country. Family and food are always important in the Italian culture.
I would first like to cover religion. Like most places there are a wide variety of different religions, but in the Italian culture most people are raised to be catholic. About 88% of Italians are catholic. The Roman Catholic ...view middle of the document...

Family is an important part of the Italian culture. In the “Italian society is very family-oriented. Parents, elders, children, and extended relatives often gather together to enjoy a home-cooked meal or commemorate religious functions.” (Italy)
“Italian proverbs are an important part of a culture’s tradition and history. Proverbs teach lessons and values through language. Through proverbs people can learn the aspects that compose their culture.” (Italy) “Common Italian proverbs discuss family, emotions, success, and cultural values that should be learned.” (Italy) I was surprised to find that I had heard of some of the Proverbs that are used in the Italian culture. Here are a few you might have heard too. (Written in Italian and English) “Tal padre, tal figlio” (Like father, like son), “All'orso paion belli i suoi orsacchiotti”(Beauty is in the eye of the beholder) and my favorite “A tavola non si invecchia” (At the table with good friends and family you do not become old).
Not everyone has the opportunity to visit Italy, but from pictures and the Internet we can get a general idea of what type of climate Italy has. Most pictures we see are quite pretty having mountains or rows and rows of grape vines. What most people don’t know is that Italy has many natural resources like; coal, mercury, marble, natural gasses and curd oil to name a few. About 23% of land in Italy is arable land meaning land used for growing crops. (The World FactBook) In 2004 the Italian population was about 59 million people. The capital of Italy is Rome.
Government in Italy is really different then what we here in America are use to. “
President elected by an electoral college consisting of both houses of parliament and 58 regional representatives for a seven-year term (no term limits); election last held on 18-20 April 2013 (next scheduled for 2020); prime minister appointed by the president.” (The World FactBook) Compared to United States were a president and vice president serve four-year terms (eligible for a second term if voted in). The Italian Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Branches are also very different.
Italian fashion is well known around the world. Some of the best designers are apart of Italian fashion. Fashion is an important part of Italian culture. Some top name brand designers are Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, and Versace. Some of these designers make clothing and/or handbags, perfume/clone, glasses, and other products. “"Made in Italy" is one of the most recognizable stamps of quality and innovation in contemporary fashion.”...

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