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From 1890 to 1915 estimated around 4 million Italians arrived in the United States. Majority being from 1900 to 1914. Once they arrived in America, immigrants faced difficult challenges. Most of the time not even knowing the English language and also having very little education. Many of the new immigrants were forced to accept the lowest paying and hellish jobs. Sometimes were often forced by the average man who acted like they were slaves. Most of the immigrants found homes in the older sections of the big northeastern coastal cities. Later became known as the "Little Italy’s" most of the time being overcrowded average homes, which had terrible living condition with bad lighting and ...view middle of the document...

Most did return to their homes in Italy but some chose to stay; or were forced to stay because of the outbreak of WW1.
Most of the the male Italian immigrants in the Little Italies were mostly employed in hard manual labor like working on sewers and road construction.Most of the women usually worked as seamstresses in the garment factories or in their own homes. Most of the immigrants had small businesses in the Little Italies to fill their daily needs of other immigrants. Despite the economy hatred of the immigrants. The most important event was the "festa" it led to many of the important connections to the traditions of their ancestors. The festa had a huge parade through the streets to honor a saint or a large statue of Virgin Mary which was carried by a group of men; With a marching band right behind. Which led to food and fireworks; festa was now an important party that gave the immigrants hope and common identity.
To help the immigrants in the Little Italy’s, who were like 95% Catholic, Pope Leo XIII sent a group of nuns, priests, and brothers of the St. Charles Borromeo. in this group was Sister Francesca Cabrini who founded hospitals, schools, and orphanages. She was later recognized as the first American saint in 1946. Hundreds of churches were founded by the St. Charles missionaries to help the needs of the Italian immigrant communities. By 1905 immigrants had founded 41 parochial schools, 219 Italian Catholic churches which were served by 315 priests and 254 nuns.
The final destinations of most the immigrants weren’t only the big cities on the Eastern Coast. But also more remote areas of the country like California. They moved there for the opportunities it offered in mining, farming, and working on the railroad and other jobs going on at the time. Most of the immigrants had agreed to work in these areas of the country on terms for payment of their voyage. In most cases, especially in the South the immigrants were introduced to economic hatred, and sometimes even violence. Most of the immigrant workers who at these areas were later joined by the remaining part of their family.
Over time the immigrants had adjusted to life in their new country. Then began making payments to the average American culture. Most of the immigrants came with special skills. A surprisingly huge number of business’ were formed by the Italian immigrants. For example companies formed by Italian Americans Ghirardelli Chocolate Company,Chef Boyardee,Progresso, Contadina these became known nationally. An immigrant who went by Marcioni is given credit for inventing the first ice cream cone. Also Giuseppe Bellanca brought an advanced aircraft design which when he arrived began producing.
Also other Italians and many of their descendants helped create Washington’s shocking monuments. An Italian immigrant Attilio Piccirilli and five of his brothers carved the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. which they started...

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