Italy: Coming To A New World.

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During the time between now and the 1800s, millions of people have emigrated from their homeland to America. Some came from Poland, some came Russia. But no matter where they came from, they were all destined for the same thing: Freedom. I'm focusing on Italy. They wanted freedom as much as anyone else. Many Italians left their home country to come to America. Here are some facts and reasons why they immigrated to our great country.Italians didn't leave their home for nothing. There are causes that someone would up and leave to a new and strange country. One is that they had bad medical facilities. Some people felt that there were too many unnecessary deaths in Italy. They heard that there were better hospitals in America. In addition, there was hunger and poverty in many cases. People were literally starving to death. To top off the already wonderful sounding America, there was word of gold in the heartland of the U.S.A. Fertile farmland was everywhere. Farming was a big business in the U.S. Some Italians didn't agree with the Fascist leader of Italy, who sided with Adolf Hitler and his Nazism. So they decided that a leader that didn't oppress anyone was better. And America was, and still is, the land of opportunity.The journey to America was long and treacherous. Most of the people had to travel in steerage, or at the bottom of the ship. The boats they traveled on were not exactly luxurious. Most of the time, the boats were cramped and crowded The boats were filled to the brim with immigrants. In addition to the crowded boats, the passengers had to bring their own food, which was a hassle. During the trip, many people got sick. Some caught deadly diseases from others. There were very large death tolls. The ones that died at sea were buried at sea as well. In other words, tossed over board.Italians encountered many challenges on their way to America. Since some were fed up with the journey, they would just settle in Brazil. Also, if they were turned away at the gates of freedom, they would go to South America. Such animals as mountain lions, huge spiders, and, in some cases, monkeys, horrified Italians that lived in Brazil. Stereotypes didn't really do the Italians any favors. Because of the mob, people saw the Italians as criminals. Italians have been arrested, discriminated against, and even executed for crimes they didn't commit. But having survived these many hardships, they're just that much stronger for it today.The culture of Italy has changed as well as stayed the same in many ways over the years in a new country. Italy was under Fascist rule. The fascists supported Hitler's Jewish hating campaign. Many citizens...

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