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Itil Foundation 200 Sample Questions Essay

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Answer Key Examination ITIL Foundation This ITIL material is for personal use only and cannot be used, resold or published in any form without written permission of the copyright owner.
ITIL Foundation Examinations - 200 Sample Questions1. How can Service Level Management use data from the incident register at the Service Desk?Service Level Management uses this data ...A. To draw up the Service Level Agreement (SLA).B. To draw up reports about the number and nature of incidents in a certain period.C. To determine the availability of an IT Service, on the basis of the number of incidents resolved.D. Together with other data to work out whether the service level agreed upon has been achieved.Answer: D2. Which statement describes a Service Desk activity?A. To function as the first point of customer contact.B. To investigate the cause of disruptions for the customer.C. To trace the cause of incidents.Answer: A3. Consider the following statements:1. An SLA is a contract drawn up by the IT department which states what the customer may and may not do with his computer.2. A Service Catalogue describes concisely and specifically the IT services that the IT department can offer a customer.Which of these statements is correct?A. Only the firstB. Only the secondC. BothD. NeitherAnswer: B4. What is the correct description of 'impact'?A. The degree to which the provision of services is disrupted and the speed with which this must be remediedB. The degree to which the user indicates how quickly the incident must be resolved.C. The effect that an incident has on the components of the IT infrastructure, including the consequences for the service that has been agreed upon.D. The effect that an incident has on the activities of the users and the speed with which the incidents must be resolved.Answer: C5. Which task is a Problem Management responsibility?A. To co-ordinate all modifications to the IT infrastructure.B. To record incidents for later study.C. To approve all modifications made to the Known Error database.D. To identify user needs and modify the IT infrastructure based on such needs.Answer: C6. The manufacturer claims that the new line of central mainframes can reach an MTBF of 5000 hoursWhat does this mean?A. That the mainframes have an average life of 5000 hoursB. That the mainframes operate continuously for an average of 5000 hoursC. That the mainframes will fail every 5000 hoursD. That the mainframe can operate continuously for a maximum of 5000 hours.Answer: B7. Network managers are overloaded with work. They hardly get a chance to manage the network. One of the reasons for this is that users approach them directly to answer all kinds of questions.Which ITIL process or function needs to be set up to improve this situation?A. Change ManagementB. Configuration ManagementC. Error ControlD. Service DeskE. Incident ManagementF. Problem ManagementAnswer: D8. Data in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) niay be updated only if an order instruction...

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