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Its A Campiagn For President In The Us. The Campiagn Is Based On Being A Democrat.

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My CampaignThe Democrats are one of the oldest political parties today. Their ideals have appeal to many. Over the years, different types of campaign strategies have been implemented. To properly campaign the party must appeal to the majority of the voting population, as well as present their ideas in a convincing way.I promise to help our veterans, and make sure that social security is stable and for future generation. I am interested in making our nations public schools the best in the world. Children should have more curriculum choices to better prepare them for the future. Whenever possible, there should be meaningful tax cuts in order to help the middle class. This will help people to care for both the young and the old. In order to further help families, I will try to establish more after school programs. I also believe in more restrictions on underage smoking. The environment is also an area of concern for all democrats. The government should work with business to solve environmental issues. Law enforcement should also be invested in. This will help to make sure that every law is properly enforced.The Democratic Party needs to broaden the appeal of internal changes. Some of the people we will be trying to appeal to all walks of life including aging veterans, unions, law enforcement agencies, and schools. For the elderly, I believe in keeping "security" in social security. I will work to take care of veterans in getting improved health care and retirement benefits. Also I think that estate taxes should only be for the extremely wealthy. To work for the families of America, I would like to eliminate the marriage penalty for working families. To help the middle class more, there should be modest tax cuts in order to better benefit their standard of living. I am working to help all Americans.The future of tomorrow is in today's youth. I want to improve our educational system. Failing schools should be shut down, and then re-opened after setting better standards. Aid to public schools should be increased. The people of America should have a larger selection in choosing which schools they would like to attend. This will prove to help American families.To help American families I am pro-choice when it comes to abortion. I feel that it is the mother's choice as to what and how she would like her child to live. Parents know the...

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