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Its About Abuse Of A Child From Her Step Father Its Called : The Stepfather

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Kassandra Badue per

Kassandra Badue per. 7 English Oct. 23, 2009

Brooke, yep that's my name, I live in little Vermont it's a lonely town". Brooke had lived in Vermont for nine years she had a lot of friends and family. Brookes mom Amy had been and alcoholic, and her dad rob had been a drug attic. One day Brooke's mom and dad had got caught selling marijuana and got taken to jail during June; Brooke had to move to her grandmas over the summer. August 10th was a very exciting day for Brooke that was the day school started and she got to see all her friends, and it was also the last year of junior high for her. Her friends we wondering looking for her, she didn't have a phone because her grandma thought it was a waste of time and money. Brookes friends Emily, Sarah, and Mattie came to giver her hugs the literally hugged her until she suffocated. Brookes parents Amy and rob had just been let out of jail, her dad rob had been sober for a year. Her mom Amy had still been drinking and now started to smoke. Brooke's mom and dad started to argue about her mom drinking, they finally went to court to get divorce files. A year later after my mom and dad broke up mom had met someone new his name was Fred he was tall looked like 6 "2" and looked like he weighed 300lbs. Fred taught my mom to be sober. About 5 months was the total since she started to be sober. My moms choose to go back to work Fred couldn't be the only one making the money. My mom had got the job at Intel she traveled a lot sometimes farther than San Francisco. My mom had left on a trip to Seattle and wouldn't be back for a couple of more days. Me and Fred had been watching movies and me being the party-pooper fell asleep he carried me to my room at three in the morning I woke up but my eyes went wide open just a little peek and there sitting on my little chair was Fred staring at me I jumped out off my bed with rage and yelled at him I had said "Get out get out get out...

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