Its About An Experience With The Police

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Three years ago I had one of the most frightening experiences of my life; Having to spend the night in jail. This entire event could have easily been avoided by myself, if I had not over-reacted to the situation. Being sent to jail, for anyone who has not been, is not an exciting encounter, but at least in my own situation, it was not quite as bad as some people make it out to be. Everything started when I went for a friends party one night and I was driving back home after drinking a fair amount of alcohol.Late that night after the party, and after a few drinks, my friends told me not to drive home by myself and I refused. I started my car on I got on the road. Something told me not to take the highway, but because, I wanted to get home as soon as possible to complete my assignment before, going to bed. As I was driving on the highway I did not realize how fast I was going. The only thing I could notice was that, cars were flashing and honking me on the road, and most of them were leaving the road for me. Because of my reckless driving. Instead of me to slow down and take it easy I was feeling cool with myself. The alcohol, I had drank at the party was already affecting me.I got off the highway safely and entered the service lane, to exit to my street and I ran through three red lights, and as soon as I was approaching a stop sign, I was pulled over by a policeman. I was really scared. Instead of pulling over, I drove for about a mile before, I finally stopped. At that time, I was already surrounded by about 4 or 5 police cars. I knew I was in a big mess. They gave me the "You are now under arrest speech", and then dragged me out of my car into their car and put me in the back seat. I...

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