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Case History

Case History

History of Zong



PT Pasifiktel Indotama, ("PAKTEL"), was introduced in the Republic of Indonesia in 1995. PAKTEL provides corporate telecommunication network services pages, to see the broad scope of our solutions for your communication needs.

PAKTEL shareholders and staff provide a strong foundation with extensive experience and an established history in meeting the versatile requirements of corporate communication needs.

In positioning itself, PAKTEL has developed strategic alliances with leading industry players to ensure that clients have access to the widest possible array of telecommunication skills and latest technologies. PAKTEL continues to develop its own resources and strategic partnerships to enhance its capabilities, offering customers' effective solutions to their corporate network communications needs throughout Indonesia and abroad.

Selling to China Mobile Company

Paktel started its commercial operation in Pakistan in November 1990 as the pioneer of cellular telephony with an AMPS network which was converted into TDMA digital in 2003. Due to the innovation in the sector primary in Europs GSM quickly gained popularity all over the world and become technology of chice leaving AMPS/TDMA for behind.

Paktel finally decided to convert to GSM on October 26th 2004 with the launch of 31 cities. The current coverage footprint consists of 341 cities.

On February 13th 2007 Millicon announced that it had completed the sale of its 88.86% shareholding in paktel ltd to china mobile communications corporation which finalized Millicon's exit from Pakistan.

China Mobile Profile

Officially established on April 20th 2000china mobile communication corporation (china mobile for short) has registered capital of 51.8 billion RMB Yuan and assets of over 400 billion RMB Yuan. China mobile limited set wholly-owned subsidiaries in 31 provinces (autonomous religions and municipalities directly under the central government) in china and went public in Hong Kong and New York stock exchanges. Currently in terms of its market value china mobile limited is largest among all overseas listed.

China mobile ranks 1st in the world in the terms of the network scale and customer base by the end of 2005, 100 percent of countries (cities) had been covered by network with seamless coverage on backbone lines and indoor coverage in key urban areas the total number of customers exceeded 240 million.

China mobile operates not only basic mobile voice services but also value added services such as data IP telephone and multimedia. It has the right to operate internet services and the international gateways.

China mobile has been playing a leading role in the development of mobile communications 21 operators in countries and regions.

China mobile has successfully attracted investment from international capital market with its...

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