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Its An Untitled Work In Progress By Me About A Person Named Calithar Harlen. Ps Tell Me How You Like It/What I Need To Do To Fix It

2067 words - 8 pages

Chapter 1Odd beginningsAs a mildly skinny but strong man with a dark-age sword stood on the peak of a hill next to the calm clyan, or town, looking over it as he watched the sun set. It was the most beautiful and peaceful thing Calithar Harlen had ever seen. That is because Calithar is a treyener, or city person. "Well, hopefully war will not find me here." Then he got on his hover bike and sped down the hill. 50MPH...100MPH...150MPH...200MPH...STOP!!! The brakes went on but didn't go on in time. He hit the front end of a truck, then hit his right arm on a street post, and went thru a glass window and hit the wall inside that practically broke the rest of his bones in his body. "Oh god that kills...oh go- who are y- DON'T TOUCH MY ARM!!! AHHHHHHH STO-" Calithar fainted into coma because of the pain and blood loss. Standing over him was a man with hazel eyes and a cross of black and gray hair. Calithar had so many little cuts and a few giant gashes that were bleeding that he squirmed when you poked one of his scratches.Chapter 2More Work?!When Calithar woke, in who knows how many weeks, he was in a bed that seemed to be the too-comfortable type to get out of. He got out of bed then wandered through the never-ending halls. Left, right, straight, left, left, straight, right. He could see the door that he left ajar. "Oh geez," said Calithar and he punched the wall with his right arm.Then he remembered the crash and he could make out the wall paper... then he looked at the wall." HOLY! WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?!" And with that he could hear footsteps coming from both two directions. Left and right. So he ran straight thru the seemingly never-ending house until he stopped dead in his tracks." Oh my god!!! That's where I crashed!" Calithar was shocked to see where he crashed right in front of him. Then the footsteps caught up to him. There was a girl with blue eyes, brown hair and was around 5ft tall. And the other person was a man with hazel eyes and a cross between gray and black hair. "HEY! YOU'RE THE GUY WHO PUT ME OUT OF COMMISSION! DARN YOU!" the girl screamed "DISMANTLER!" on the second that he charged at the man. A big beam of light shot at Calithar and hit him.The next thing he new was he was suspended in midair unable to move. "Okay," the man said, "my name is Garthan. What is yours?" "My name is Calithar Harlen." "And this is"- Garthan was cut off by the girl "MY name is Serithian. I'm a mage." "Which one, black or white? And can you put me down??" "Oh yeah, sorry." Serithian said forgetfully."Thanks. So which are you?" "Both." Said Serithian with great pride. "Well, anyway, you broke my wall so you have to pay for that by doing 10 missions for me-" "sorry but HOW long has it been?" "Two weeks" "WHAT?! Then HOW did I get fully healed?" "Like I said I'm a mage" pointed out Serithian "oh..." "Back to what I was saying, you need to pay for the wall," said Garthan "so your first mission is to root out the gofers from my back yard. They are very...

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