Its Harder To Be Overweight. The Effects That Society Has On The Obese.

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40 lbsI was a chubby child. It learned early that the extra pounds I carried not only made me physically standout from my peers, they also socially alienated me from them. Because I was fat I was the last one picked to square dance in the fourth grade, and because I was fat I was teased and called pregnant by the "country folks" from the small town to which my family moved. Because I was fat I became anorexic.Luckily, I recovered. Today I weigh an extra 40 lbs heavier than when I graduated high school, however, now I'm clinically obese. The health problems I caused myself as an anorexic, and the emotional stress I put on my loved ones, are the only things that stop me from going back to my anorexic ways. It's no wonder I constantly feel the pressure to go back to hardly eating and obsessive exercise. I am constantly being given the message that as an overweight person I'm not good enough, or there's something wrong with me. I also know what it is like to be thin, and the advantages it carries. It is an up hill battle to be happy and successful as an overweight person.The roadblocks are everywhere for the overweight. I can't even walk into the average store to buy clothing because the average clothing store stops at either size 13 or 14, and I wear a size 16. Though most studies suggest that the "average sized" American woman is between a size 12 and 18, the images we are bombarded with by the media are all between a size 0 and a size 6. Actresses in Hollywood, like Kate Winslet of "Titanic" and "Iris," are called "fat" when they become a size 8. The well known plus size model, Emme, is not even truly plus-sized. This complete lack of representation in the media, leads the overweight naturally to come to the conclusion that something is wrong with them. The only fat people we see in our media are butts of jokes, either depicted as being gross, lazy, or stupid. This sort image is now so ingrained in our society that it interferes with our daily lives and ability to be successful. In studies conducted by both "20/20" and "Dateline" it was shown that if an overweight person and a thin person both went for the same job, both having the same qualifications, that the thin person was always hired before the overweight person. In some cases, even when the overweight person was more qualified than the thin person, the thin person still got the job first.I have experienced this phenomenon first hand. When I audition for plays I know it's not my lack of talent that is a hindrance,...

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