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Its Not Over Essay

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I never thought it would ever end this way, I always thought I was strong enough. Here’s my story. It all started when I was born, my mom and dad didn’t want to know if it was a boy or a girl before I was born, they were determined it was a boy. They didn’t want a girl, they said I was a mistake, but that’s not what drove me over the edge. Theres so much that you don’t know, that I don’t know, so much nobody knows and that’s what poked me while I was standing at the edge of the cliff.

Ever since I can remember I was beaten at school and at home. I was always the weird kid who had problems. Even in pre-school I got beat up and when I did they would call my parents to come pick me up, when ...view middle of the document...

In a couple days I go back to school and David sees me but he avoids hurting me, he sees my scarred face and realizes he’s done his job for now.

I go throughout the day with just blank stares, I wonder why they aren’t hurting me and I realize it’s because I haven’t healed enough for them to make all new wounds. I enjoy the fact that they won’t physically hurt me for a few more days. My parents wait too. They believe if you can’t make an all fresh start wait till you can. The next few days I just think about everything, like what did I do to deserve this, is it because I’m a girl? Am I weak? Should I leave or die?? I shake the thoughts from my head, I think that it’ll get better someday soon. I convince myself that as I slowly fall into a deep sleep. I don’t dream and tonight there’s no nightmares either, it’s all darkness. It’s peaceful until my dad comes into my room.

He has his hands behind his back and smiles so sickly it wretches my stomach. He sees it in my eyes and laughs. My mom walks in and looks at my dad with that same evil look, but once he looks away she meets my eyes and I see something I’ve never seen in her eyes before, regret and sympathy, I stare at her confused. My dad walks towards me and sits on the bed and

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he says ever so evilly “ I have a surprise for you!” My mother looks sadly at his back, I keep looking at her though, then I see it. The bruise marks, she has them too. I put the puzzle together creating the big picture, he’s beating her if she doesn’t beat me too. I couldn’t believe it my mother actually loves me.
I look into my fathers stone cold eyes and with confidence I say “What’s the surprise?” I gulp as he starts to take his hands from behind his back.

I see what he’s hiding, its a taser, he laughs and sets it down on the bed. I look at him and he calls me weak when he sees the fear in my eyes. My mother begins to cry, she tries to stay silent but a noise slips from her lips, my father spun around and seen the tear go down her cheek. He stands up and shouts “How dare you care about this disappointment!!!” He grabs his taser and shoots her with it, she screams so sharp it’s blood curdling and she falls to the floor, she doesn’t move. He turns to me, and says “Look what you did!” I await what he’s going to do, “I have something special for you,” he walks out of the room and I hear cabinets opening and slamming, he walks in and laughs, fear shoots through me as I realize what he has in his hand.

He has a story to tell me while he fiddles with the machine, “When I was young I loved drawing, everyone said I was amazing accept for mother and father. I wanted to be a tattoo artist but they said they would kill me if I became a tattoo artist, so I decided on construction. They were content with my choice, and helped me get a job and bought me a work truck and some tools. I could have ended you and your mother today with the jack hammer I stole from work, but I wanna cause a little more damage than...

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