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Its That Simple Essay

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Who doesn’t want to lose weight without diet restrictions? Well that is what famous singer and actress Mariah Carey accomplished while on the Jenny Craig weight loss program. Soon after Mariah Carey had her twins in April of 2011. She found herself faced with the reality that many new moms are; how would she lose the baby weight without doing extreme diets? For Mariah Carey it was simple she joined jenny Craig and shed the pounds without any harsh nasty diets. All she had to do was follow the programs designed meal plans that include many delicious options.
Jenny Craig is a well-known company in the dietary programs division. This company is well known to provide consumers with ...view middle of the document...

Most women who have a weight loss goal want to lose weight without starving or having diet restrictions, so essentially this ad provides them with a sense of relief and happiness because they can now accomplish this goal without sacrificing themselves. At first glance this ad introduces the consumer with a happy motivational feeling by showing off Mariah Carey’s newly restored fit body. While viewing the ad the consumer might feel a slight sensation of envy because I mean who wouldn’t feel envious of the 40 something year newly mom beautiful Mariah Carey’s body. This ad is targeting women of a specific age group, an age group of women in their late twenties and older. They are also targeting women that desire to accomplish a weight los goal. Some women can also feel a sense of pity for themselves if they want to accomplish their goals, but are unable due to certain circumstances. The way that the ad seeks to pursue customers to join Jenny Craig is by showing these beautiful women off, and their success and also by briefly adding in the simple saying “Jenny gets results. It’s that simple.” It is a very short and simple statement that allows the pictures to do the talking.
Most companies opt to use movie stars on their ads to promote their products, but sometimes that doesn’t work to their advantage. Companies have to be careful on whom they choose to be the face of their products because some movie stars are known to be unreliable and unconvincing sources. Jenny Craig did well by choosing Mariah Carey as the face of their product. Mariah Carey is a prestigious well-known singer that has earned a highly respectful profile for herself. She has been in the media spotlight since her teens therefore the media was able to capture her weight lose challenge she was faced with after birthing her twins, all in all this makes her weight lose an honest source. Jenny Craig is a well-known dietary programs company with a reputation for providing weight loss results...

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