"Its The Journey That Matters, Not The Destination" A 3 Minute Speech On Journeys, Presented To A Year 11 Class.

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So year 11, Is a physical journey merely a distance traveled? Or is there a greater meaning behind every step that is taken? As well as extending yourself physically, what about the mental, emotional and intellectual transformation on the journey? Remember those long roadtrips when you would drive your parents nuts by asking "Are we there yet?" Often, we are so obsessed with the destination that we neglect to see the process that takes us there, the thrills of the unpredictable journey and the things we learn from both the positive and negative challenges we face.Similarly, the poet, Peter Skrzynecki documents the importance of the physical journey as a learning experience in his poem, "crossing the red sea". His recounts shows us how even though we may focus on the destination, it is not until later in life, we may reflect back on how important the actual journey was.The title alludes biblically to Moses leading the Jews to the new Promised Land, just as the migrants were on a voyage to the hope of a bright new future. However the journey was an uncertain one that they had been forced into because of the destruction of WWII.Through the first stanza, the reader can gather that a return trip is unlikely, as the travelers "Watch a sunset they would never see again." A strong sense of misery and poverty is further highlighted by the description of these displaced people being "barefooted". It is also a physical reminder of the extended duration of their journey. As the physical journey progresses, their past sufferings are eased by the calmness of the sea. Though personification it accepts the immigrants "outflung denunciations" and provides an opportunity for emotional and mental healing. The process of the journey shows the changing attitudes, figuratively conveyed through the image of "patches and shreds of dialogue". Their quoted speeches of memories, such as "I remember a field of red poppies" vividly portray their memories of beauty, yet also of death. Other travelers touched by the "sea's breath" figuratively rise from the dead as the biblical allusion to Lazarus highlights the healing process along the journey. The metaphorical images of "voices left their caves" and the personified "silence fell from shackles" convey how the migrants are free now to express themselves. The positive effects of the healing journey are masked by tone of the poem; Skrzynecki highlights how many still feel regret and fear. The challenge on the process of the journey is the realization that as "daybreak took away the magic of dreams", they can no longer hide but learn to face their fears. The use of imagery as the boat sails towards the "blood trimmed horizon" suggests the hardships and apprehension that the travelers will endure before they reach the "promised land".I think this significantly shows the importance of the process of the journey, the journey brings the migrants together, it gives them time and space to heal emotionally, letting go of walled up...

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