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Its Up To Us Essay

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A common goal for our society and everyone in it, has always been to treat and be treated equally and free from fears of violence. This can never happen if us, the men of our own society don’t stand up for violence against women, which is an incredible problem in our society. Even, famous women in our society have been victims to brutal violence between a man and the women herself. For example, Rihanna and Chris Brown, although they were in a relationship, that didn’t stop Chris Brown from getting into multiple altercations with Rihanna, which ended in Rihanna being broken physically and emotionally, even though this happened Rihanna would return to Chris. In the article, “When a Man ...view middle of the document...

Also, an event that occurred six days earlier when a 53 year old man walked into a Colorado high school and took six girls hostage and sexually assaulted them. All of these events have made one thing crystal clear, Men need to stand up and stop this cruel violence against women. Men are the only people who can stop it because men are the problem. Men must be there for women who are allowing this to happen, and make sure that it doesn’t happen ever again. That is how we will get the perfect society that we all want.

After almost a whole semester of reading horrible and very saddening events such as these, it came to my understanding that these kind of things really do happen, all the time. The events made me sad and angry, not only angry that it happened but even angrier to the fact that not one man stood up for any of these women. As I was growing up I was taught to never cuss at a woman, never raise a hand to a woman out of violence, and always protect woman. Up until this point in my life, I had thought that all boys and men were taught and told the same, but sadly that is not the...

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