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Ivan The Terrible, The First Tzar Of Russia

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Ivan the Terrible was the fist tsar of Russia whoes reign, one of the longest of the Russian tzars, transformed the medivial nation state into a Russian Empire .In order to understand what made Ivan the Terrible ruthless and feared, it is important to know his background. Ivan IV Vasilyevich was born on August 25, 1530 in Kolomenskoye, Moscow, Russia. His father died at age 3 from a blood infection, but on his death bead requested that Ivan become the ruler of Russia when he turned 15. After his father died, the boyars took over and paid no attention to Ivan, denying is right to the thrown. Boyars were the highest ranked members in the upper class of medieval Russia, second only to the prince. His mother queen Elena died mysteriously died1538, they believed from an assassination by poison and this left Ivan an orphan at age eight. Ivan remained isolated through out all of this, and his behavior later in life was thought to be a result from being forgotten as a child and also from the abuse that he suffered.
Ivan grew up living in poverty and he saw many things including murders, beatings, and verbal and physical abuse regularly. He was also neglected, beaten, and molested by the boyars often, leaving him and his brother with almost nothing. However, Ivan could not take out his terrible frustrations on his tormentors, so instead he would take them out on defenseless animals. For example, when he got angry he tore off the feathers on birds, pierced their eyes, and slit open their bodies. Ivan waited many years until he was crowned the first tsar of Russia on January 16, 1547 at age 16. During the beginning of his reign, he gave some powers of the government to his two uncles, however they misused this power and Ivan took it way. He vowed from that point to no longer leave administration duties in the hands of his family, but to pass the succession on to those who deserved it and this became a major contribution to the political structure.
In the beginning of his rule, Ivan had many contributions to the advancement of Russia as a global power. This was one major impact in his time and he accomplished this through the conquer of the Tartar Mongols in the city of Kazan on October 2, 1552. This was an important part of Russian history because by conquering the Kazan’s, he extended the Russian nation to the Caspian Sea in the south and to the Ural Mountains in the east. This added nearly 1,000,000 square kilometers to Ivan’s territory. By conquering the Tartars, Ivan gained access to Russia’s main river, the Volga River that gave the Russians accesses to river transport for trade and easier access for the military. This gave way to the conquer of Siberia which was another independent principality. In these states, masters were appointed to peasants who would work the lands of an estate. This set into motion the system of serfdom in Russia. Before Ivan came into rule, Russia was a group of unconnected states that he was able to unite as the...

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