In Vitro Fertilization: Should It Be Used? Essay

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Jennifer Rosenberg on (n.d.), had stated, “On July 254, 1978, Louise Joy Brown, the world’s first successful ‘test-tube’ baby was born in Great Britain.” This was advancement in the medical history for women everywhere who had difficulty getting pregnant; this medical breakthrough, known as In-vitro fertilization, or IVF, since Louise Joy Brown’s birth had only grown in ease and the amount of people that use this technology is at an all-time high. The CDC (2014) stated on their website that, “Number of women ages 15-44 who have ever used infertility services: 7.4 million.” This is a massive number of people that use this service. In-vitro fertilization’s advancement in medical technology allows people to have children despite any physical disability, relationship type, or even political controversy.
Disabilities are the number one reason women and couples use In-vitro fertilization. Women can have multiple reasons that they are unable to have children: infertility and impaired fecundity, the inability to get pregnant or to carry a child to term, are brushing the surface of why women need infertility treatments. The CDC had taken a statistic (2014) and found that in a range of women ages fifteen to forty-four that 6.7 million women have impaired fecundity, and 1.5 million women are infertile after about a year of unprotected sex with a spouse in the United States. Women that have difficulty carrying to term, or are unable to conceive a child can use IVF to help them have a child that were unable to produce of natural means. A statistical analysis by the CDC, shown by the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago (2014) shows that women who use their own embryos, as they get older can be unable to have a live birth, or have a low chance of it on their own. The statistics show that women between the ages of forty-three and forty-four have a five percent change of having a live birth. This percentage only decreases each year after that. The fact that after that age, is seen as a disability, being unable to carry their own child to term because their age hinders their body and renders it unable birth a living child. IVF is a way to raise the chance for that number of live births to grow in women over forty-three, they Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago also shows that In-vitro was an option for women up until the age of fifty. A woman’s physical disability can lead her to an impaired ability to have children, leaving them to suffer or spend money on an infertility treatment.
Other physical disabilities, such as a wounded soldier being injured and put into a coma-like or paralysis, can lead to difficulties with siring a child, Michelle Tan, a writer for Navy Times wrote about Army Staff Sgt. Ed Matayka and his wife, Sgt. Karen Matayka (2013), Staff Sargent Matayka had been gravely injured during a tour in Afghanistan, losing both of his legs above the knee, spinal injuries in two places, and brain trauma. Because of this incident, after...

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