Iwo Jima: How Did The Japaneses Lose The Battle Of Iwo Jima?

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HistoryOn December 7 1941 Japan launched a surprise attack on a military port in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. Shortly after Japan and America began to fight in the Pacific theatre. One of the most famous battles between Japan and America was the battle of Iwo Jima. This battle had many important strategic opportunities for America; due to its big air base and its location 1200 kilometres from Tokyo. Japan knew that America wanted the island but they intended to fight until the death. Iwo Jima was no doubt going to be a hard battle. This essay will follow the preparations for the battle and the outcome.During the early 20th century Japan was still expanding and becoming ever more powerful. After the Treaty of Versailles Japan gained more land and power. Japan was becoming arrogant in the early 1930’s; they left the League of Nations and began to make treaties with Germany. Japan began to attack China in the north and allied with the Germans and Italians under the Axis alliance. Japan seeing an opportunity allied with the axis powers and set out to expand their influence even further. Shortly after Japan started their attack on America and the pacific war began.The battle of Iwo Jima was an important battle for both the Americans and the Japanese. The Japanese knew that the island was a prime target due to its distance form Japan and other pacific islands. The Americans were ready to come at full force and give the Japanese every thing they had. Japan began very early preparations appointing Lieutenant General Tadamichi Kuribayashi. His plan was to build up and hold off the Americans as long as possible. The Japanese planed and executed a plan to fight almost all of the battle underground in pillboxes and turrets. The underground fortress was made up of 1,500 underground rooms and three miles of underground tunnel. With about 22,000 troops the Japanese would be greatly outnumbered. The soldiers were told they were not to expect to survive and they will be considered victorious if they kill 10 Americans for every one of them.The Americans mean while were making their own preparations. The American people were ready to strike back after being attacked at Pearl Harbour. The Americans sent 880 ships, 110 bombers and 70,000 soldiers to Iwo Jima.Before landing on the island the Americans bombed the island for 10 weeks with carrier based planes and medium bombers, about 6800 tons of bombs were dropped on the island in these ten weeks. At 2:00 on February 19, battleship guns signaled the start of D-Day, soon after 100 bombers were dispatched to bombard the island, followed by another volley from the naval guns. To the Japanese’s delight the bombardment proved to be highly ineffective almost hitting nothing. Then at 8:30 that same morning 30,000 marines headed for the beaches of Iwo Jima. Later on 40,000 more marines joined on the beaches and attempted to take the island.The Japanese knowing almost exactly how the Americans would try and take the island...

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