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J.B.Priestley’s Play, An Inspector Calls Eva Smith's Diary

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I've just got back from my summer vacation. It was lovely. I'm really
looking forward to going again next year. Life's looking up at the
moment. It's great! Just one problem though, the money I'm receiving
at the factory. I've spoken to quite a few other girls on vacation and
they earn much more than twenty-two and six. I'll speak to Mr. Birling
tomorrow to ask him about raising it to 25 shillings a week. I don't
see why not myself. I'm a good worker and have been in the factory
over a year. We'll just have to see what he says.

12th September 1910

That's it! I'm not taking any more. A few other girls and me, who are
sick of the terrible money, are going on strike. He'll have to raise
our weekly wage then won't he; well if he doesn't I'm not carrying on
working for him. He's a mean man, and only cares for himself, wants
all the money. It's not very often I get annoyed I don't like to call
people and say nasty things about them, but I really have had enough
today. This man has really angered me. I'm an excellent, hard,
pleasant worker. How dare he have the cheek to say no! I told his this
afternoon for the 6th time in the past 2 days, that because I was
being promoted to leading operator I would at least expect a pay rise.
His reply was the same, that it was his duty to keep labour costs
down. His exact answer if I remember was; "I've told you again and
again Eva, every time you've asked me. It's my duty to keep labour
costs down. I don't know why the hell you waste your time bothering me
when you could be working - earning good money for my factor. The
answers a straight no, so get out of my office girl. Get back to your
bleeding work." What a lovely charming man Mr. Birling is, oh great is

28th September 1910

A few other girls and me were back at work today after the strike. Mr.
Birling came down to us "Clear your stuff out girls, you're not
welcome here any more. I'm having non of this nonsense about pay
rise." He said. I was shocked; it was an absolute disgrace. I've got
to find a new job now. The first thing that comes up I will take
because I'm really broke.

2nd December 1910

Today was my first day at Millwards. The customers and the shop
assistance I worked with were all really friendly. I enjoyed working
for once. Beautiful clothes and smart people surrounded me. The pay is
a little bit better than at the factory; well of course it would be
because Mr. Birling is just a tight, stuck-up old man! He only cares
about money. I have no idea how his wife can live with him, I
certainly never could. I had the most wonderful meal at Millwards. I'm
so happy! I feel like someone again and not something.

28th January 1911

I can't believe this; I've been sacked from Millwards. This is
terrible. Somebody complained about me. How could they complain about
me though? I haven't done anything wrong at all. Someone's obviously
been making up a pack of lies, haven't they? Yet again, I'm...

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