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J.K. Rowling Essay

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J.K. Rowling
“The novels of J.K. Rowling are available in 55 different languages from Albanian to Zulu, and the author herself is worth a tune estimated at $444.5 million (which doesn’t include royalties from the new Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix; it sold 1.8 million copies in t’s first day). That makes her richer than the Queen of England. Every thirty seconds, someone, somewhere in the world flips open a Harry Potter novel. The film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone grossed $32.3 million on its first and nearly tripled that in the first weekend” (Harmon). J.K. Rowling had a rough life, but still was able to change the face of literature, all while breaking records and increasing her wealth.
Because of her poor background it led to the creation of Harry Potter, “Joanne settled there as well, living on $103 a week that she got from welfare, while struggling to care for Jessica ...view middle of the document...

Although Harry Potter is a children’s book she would get adults to read as well.
Harry Potter made kids read again.,” Little children everywhere should be thankful for the real Jo Rowling, because if the imaginary one had written the Harry Potter books, just think how incredibly boring they’d be” (Grossman). People started going crazy over the Harry Potter series reading more and more, and becoming hungry for fantasy.
J.K. Rowling wrote a series on a young boy who lived a secret life as a wizard. “It wasn’t long before readers found themselves as captivated by Harry and his world as Rowling herself had been. Word spread in the children’s book community, and bidding for the U.S. rights a year later became heated. Arthur Levine of Scholastic wound up paying a record-breaking $105,00 for the rights -- the most ever paid for an unknown children’s book author’s first work of fiction” (Harmon). Now with Scholastic J.K. Rowling sold books by the 1000s she would undoubtedly become a very wealthy woman.
J.K. Rowling started to earn children’s books awards and became wealthy enough to buy several houses, “Sorcerer’s Stone won virtually every major children’s book award when it was published in 1997. The next three instruments of the series came out in rapid-fire succession over the next three years, winning more awards and adding to the Harry Potter mania. J.K. Rowling and daughter had to adjust first to being comfortable, then to being rich. Joanne acquired three homes, one in the Scottish Highlands, near the town of Aberfeldy – not far from where she imagines Hogwarts would be situated.
Increased her wealth, broke records, changed the face of literature, but lived a rough life. Her world of Harry Potter has inspired million. Thank goodness for the people who take chances and change the world, just like J.K. Rowling. If not for them the world would not be the same.

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