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J.R.R Tolkien And His Works Essay

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Throughout Tolkien’s career as a writer his motives for writing changed. Originally most of his writing was created for a very small audience. To be exact The Hobbit was created for an audience of his four children. Many of the published works posthumously are written for his children. A whole set of letters named The Father Christmas Letters were letters written as Father Christmas from Tolkien to his children. He, as a father, wanted to create a joy and merriment in his children through his writing.

Later in his career Tolkien became upset. He realized that most of the great cultures that surrounded him had great mythology, but his beloved Great Britain was lacking in its own myths. In what was later adapted, edited, and published by his son Christopher Tolkien, the stories in The Silmarillion and The Book of ...view middle of the document...

It used to be dwarfs, but in The Hobbit Tolkien repeatedly changed his editor’s “correction” from dwarves to dwarfs. Not only did he have a lasting effect through his philology, but also he created a completely new being. Before his stories hobbits had never existed. Songs have been written about Tolkien’s stories. One famous example is the song by Led Zepplin named Ramble On. This is about the Lord of the Rings. In one line of the song Robert Plant sings “But Golum and the Evil One crept up and slipped away with her her… her her… her yeah.” Directly naming a character from The Lord of the Rings series, and alluding to the ring and Sauron.

Tolkien’s works have inspired everything from movies to fanfiction to friends quoting the books in a similar fashion as one would quote Monty Python. Internet memes are created every day where a kitten could be clinging onto a ledge and the picture has a quote that says “Fly you fools!” just as Gandalf is famous for exclaiming. Almost 100 years after The Hobbit’s publication the book is being turned into a trilogy.

Tolkien and his works have continued to inspire the minds of people two generations later. He is known as the father of modern fantasy, and through his works he has raised many great young minds into great fantasy authors in their own accord. The game Dungeons and Dragons is half based upon Tolkien’s Legendarium. Until they were sued they had hobbits who were good as thieves, such as Bilbo was in The Hobbit, and balrogs.

Tolkien has created a world in which millions of people can go to escape to. He wrote stories that expand and capture the mind as you follow the fellowship, or as you learn of Bilbo’s next action. He created a rich back story to his world, creating myths as if the world he created has existed for millennia. He created Hobbits and Dwarves. Tolkien brought mystery and magic to the world stage, and that is why he is deserving of the title “father of modern fantasy”.

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