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Jack Crabb The Little Big Man

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I am extremely enraged at those merciless, heartless White men. They have taken away something very valuable to me and I hate them. But for you to understand how big my hate is, I must start from the beginning.When some Indian tribe attacked our carriage and seized my wife Olga I started looking for her and while searching I found my Cheyenne tribe. They were happy to see me but I had to leave them again to continue searching for Olga. By deceit I was recruited as a "mule skinner" to the Custer's army. I thought it would help me find Olga but then Custer decided to fight against the Cheyenne. I went with them because they said they ain't gonna kill no women or children. They lied because when we got there they started killing them. I was telling them not to, and they would even kill me if I didn't run away. That's when I saw Shadow, my Indian brother. He was fighting hard, and was even close to killing me. And then they shot him. The whites shot him and he fell into the river and floated away. There is no description how I felt at that moment. My enemies saved my life by killing someone I loved.I walked down the river and there noticed a woman. She was giving birth. I watched as that baby came into the world. I found out her name was Sunshine and that she was the daughter of Shadow, and that her husband was also killed. I got an idea of trading her to the Indians for my wife. But when I got to the Human Beings camp and talked with my grandfather about Whites, how they hate everything, and when grandfather asked me if I'd stay with the Human Beings I said I would and forgot about trading Sunshine. I liked her and she later became my wife. We fit great together and I fell in love with her. A year after I returned to the Cheyenne she was ready to give birth to a new baby, this time mine. I was very happy about that and couldn't wait to see my new son. Before going out to give birth to the baby Sunshine brought in her 3 sisters and asked if they could be my wives and live with us as well. I wasn't too happy about that idea, but Sunshine someway thought I agreed. I did bring lots of food and clothes into our family so I figured I could share those with some others. But damn, it was hard to share...

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