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Jack London, Chris Mc Candless And Jon Krakauer

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Following the Path

Many people use meditation for different situations such as relieving stress and making long term decisions. Chris McCandless meditated on a book called ‘’ The Call of the Wild by Jack London’’ Did Krakauer feel the same way after McCandless story? If he did not know anything about Chris McCandless would he have still analyzed Jack book the same way? Most people in the 21st century didn’t know what it was leading them to yet they did not care.
Jack London whose birth name is John Griffin was known for his fiction adventurous novels. Although he was a sailor, gold prospector, rancher and served his country in the Army he still have yet served the time ...view middle of the document...

What is the relationship between what the author says and what the author says and what the way the author lives? Richard E. Miller says it was an escape for Jake London to store his fantasies an bout the struggles he been through to survive, it is about the lonely battles against the elements, about his animal within him, fantasies that had no escape and as Krakauer would say in his words it even killed some of those naïve enough to believe them. Even though people bashed Jack he was the highest paid, best seller and most popular American author in his time. He is known for being The American Literary genius that was brilliant, compassionate and portrays his life as the never ending struggles of man and nature. Authors and social advocates have been inspired by his heartfelt prose. In a picture it shows him and a dog. It is said that, that dog was his inspiration for ‘’The Call of the Wild’’. This specific novel word was so vivid to Chris McCandless he had to see what Jack saw, feel what Jack felt.
Jon Krakauer’s who was born in Corvallis, Oregon in 1954 started climbing at the age of 8 with his father. After he graduated from Hampshire College in 1976 a year later he made an effort to climb the Devils Thumb in Southeastern, Alaska a sheer ice dappled mountain. He wanted to accomplish something no other climber has done which was climbing the mountain on a route never attempted. Three weeks have went by and Krakauer whine up giving up after multiple setbacks. This story is featured chronicled in his book ‘’Into the Wild’’.
In 1996 Jon Krakauer was asked to join a voyage to Mount Everest by an outside magazine. Unquestionably he joined 4 teammates not knowing that they were entering the deadliest season on Everest. During this expedition four of his teammates died when the storm consumed the mountain. The journey events overwhelmed but he still continued to tell his story which turned to a novel called ‘’Into Thin Air’’. That same year he heard about Chris McCandless Alaska Wilderness Journey.
In Jon Krakauer ‘’In the Wild he begins each chapter with a quote from Jake London but why? His reason was to communicate the text desires and the drives that compelled McCandless to push himself farther into an unwelcoming landscaping.
‘’It was the masterful and incommunicable wisdom of eternity laughing at the futility of life and the effort of life”(Jack London). Krakauer uses the quotations to illustrate and explain the passionate drive. Richard E. Miller says Krakauer learns how to do something McCandless was unable or maybe even unwilling to even do. He came to an understanding and respects the thoughts of others who were aghast about his behavior. Krakauer is just trying to make peace of his past life. He is trying to make sense of why people despise McCandless so intensely for dying in the Alaska wilderness. Krakauer’s is in the interest in using McCandless as a vehicle...

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